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This is what it's all about.

I am going to record my new CD in cooperation with the German Culture Radio Channel «Deutschlandfunk Kultur» next year. The project provides the perfect chance for going new artistic ways: As Deutschlandfunk Kultur takes over organization and expenses for the Recording & Mastering, I am able to focus solely in the artistic and creative part of the production. Eventually, I decided for a totally new concert program with an innovative Ensemble-Formation including Percussion, Bandoneon & Piano. The ensemble is about to perform already in season 22/23. Furthermore with Katharina Treutler on the Piano and Omar Massa on the Bandoneon I found two extraordinary artists tor the Trio-Ensemble. On top of that Omar Massa agreed on composing 3 Works for us.

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My project is special because ...

Stylistically, the CD will go in the direction of Tango Nuevo and Modern Music. The Instrumentation provides us a broad variety of options, in order to perform the extreme character and dynamic of the genre. The attraction for the Ensemble lays especially in the experimenting process for new sound- and musical-possibilities.
As basically no music has been written for the formation until this point, we all pioneer in this field. My personal motivation is, to present the percussion instruments from its lyrical and yet forceful, rhythmical side…It will definitely be virtuous ;-)

This is what I need backing for.

For realizing the project, we have to finance the rehearsal days, transfer and accommodation of the artists, hall rent of the rehearsal space, the piece commissions plus the CD distribution and printing. The whole project process will take place in Berlin, however the recording will be at the german radio station of Deutschlandfunk Kultur in Cologne.