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Entire Conakry will hear it

Since some time I recorded my third album «PEDEYFOU» by my own means. For the title song I published a videoclip. Now I would like to present the album in my hometown Conakry at the Palais the Peuple. Here we are missing the financial means and trustworthy producers for musicians to thrive. The presentations of my first two albums «KONIYA» and «MIKHIFAKHE» were held on the 22nd December 2011 and the 21st April 2012 with the help of persons - who did not share the profits. But right this earnings give the opportunity to go on producing.

Long story short. This time I want to organise the concert myself, to further evolve as an artist. This is why I ask for you help.

And so it goes on …

Your support is just the beginning. I am a practicing musician since 1998, produced as said before tree albums and a few singles. All together about 60 songs. My music is based on traditional rhythms but composed and texted by myself. I am not missing of inspiration. With the profit of the concert I will develop within my art and keep on producing new ideas.

Your support in numbers

About the currency: 1.000.000.- guinean Franc (GNF) is ruffly 100,- €

  • rent of the Palais de People: 5.000.000.- GNF
  • 20 street posters: 2.000.000.- GNF
  • 2000 flyer: 1.500.000.- GNF
  • Radio and TV Publications at 5 private channels: 10.000.000.- GNF
  • 3 billboards: 6.000.000.- GNF
  • and transport costs All together including the costs for the amazing platform wemakeit that will be 2.650,- €

Thank you dearly for your support. Respect, Amara.