CD Sonja und die Sonnenvögel

by Sonja Morgenegg

Zurich, Zurich, Winterthur, and St Gallen

Singersongwriter-Music for every garden! A magic voice and 3 musician-masters on their instrument (guitar, base, percussion). Songs in english, german and swiss german

CHF 5’230

104% of CHF 5’000

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Successfully concluded on 18/9/2015

Composed music for your heart and ear!

After years of singing cover songs I was interested in what happens, if I make music without certain «rules». I took all my instruments around me and started to improvise and play with the possibilities of sound and words. Now I have 13 songs waiting for their place in this world.

This summer, I recorded together with my most favourite musicians this special songs. We where in a artists-garden-studio and had a lot of fun and sun (34°C!). The groove of our holiday-music-session should be also on the CD as also the magic of the songs!

So much fun we had – the price is high for a production like this. We have to pay studio, soundingeneer, mastering, graphic-design and the production of the CD. At the end, the costs will be around CHF 10’000.

CHF 5’000 we already have from our own. We need now some more CHF 5’000 for the soundengineer, mastering, a lovely graphic-design and the production of the CD.

Would you like to help to give birth our sunny music to the world? – We will thank you so much for your help!

We can offer a lot of possibilities and gifts for you. Par example you can get your christmas gifts already now. Or you can get a hand signed CD from me. Or if you like to learn to sing – come and take the chance! I’m a very passionated and good educated vocal teacher! There will be something for you – for sure.