CD «Like flying»

by Luisa Splett


My first professional studio CD is called «Wie im Fluge» («Like flying»). It includes premieres and rarely performed music by Hermann Goetz, Sergei Prokofiev, Martin Wendel and Alfred Felder.

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Successfully concluded on 14/11/2013

What is this project about?

Independently from big CD labels I want to record my first studio CD. The program is a combination of works by composers from different epochs and countries – all under the topic «Like flying». The following works will be recorded:

  • Hermann Goetz: «Loose leaves» op. 7
  • Sergei Prokofiev: «Visions fugitives» op. 22
  • Martin Wendel: «Five leaflets» op. 34
  • Alfred Felder: «Memoir»
  • Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov: «The flight of the bumblebee», transcription by Natan Perelman
  • by Elena Astafieva
    by Elena Astafieva
  • by Simon Slipek
    by Simon Slipek
  • by Simon Slipek
    by Simon Slipek

Short description of the compositions

  • Hermann Goetz was a German composer and pianist of the Romanticism who lived and worked in Winterthur. He died very young at the age of 36. His piano cycle «Loose leaves» was written in Winterthur and is dedicated to Clara Schumann-Wieck.
  • Sergei Prokofiev’s «Visions fugitives» are twenty very short, cristal clear pieces scurrying by the audience. They were written between 1915 and 1917.
  • The main theme of Martin Wendel’s (1925-2013) composition «Five leaflets» (1974) is based on his daughters humming as a toddler. The recording of this piece means a lot to me – Martin Wendel was a very dear friend to our family.
  • «Memoir» by Swiss composer Alfred Felder is a premiere. The composer himself describes this work as «following a trace of my memory». He dedicated «Memoir» to me, what an honor!
  • A first recording as well is the virtuously mounted version of a crowd pleaser: «The flight of the bumblebee» by N. Rimsky-Korsakov has been recorded in hundreds of different versions, but the transcription by Natan Perelman, a former, renowned professor of the Saint Petersburg-conservatory, remains hardly known. This has to change now!


On the Bonus-CD I will introduce the works, tell more stories of each one of them and play some excerpts. I’ll also relate my personal approach to each composition. This CD will be in German and English.

What do I need you support for?

The costs of this projects are put together by the following items:

  • Recording (Studio, grand piano, sound master, editing). I will record the CD on December 2nd and 3rd at the Hardstudio Winterthur.
  • SUISA (Licence for publishing)
  • CD production (label Rocco Sound)
  • CD-Booklet-Layout, including photographs by Simon Slipek
  • Texts
  • CD Release event (concert and apéro): It takes place in February 2014, you will be informed of the exact date and place.

To cover all these expenses I rely on your support.


This CD is meant to be another important step to pursue my career on my own way. Unknown works, a small label, a self-willed program – the fulfillment of my own ideas and visions. The fact that I actually dare speak of a «career», I owe to the support of my family, friends and relatives. I invite you from all my heart to trust me as well on this project and to back it, so that «Like flying» gets to overfly many clouds and to be listened by thousand ears.