Charge your devices up to 4X times faster than with your regular charger.

Running out of batteries, or struggling to charge your devices on the go can be really frustrating, especially in public places, or home charging stations that requires you to have the correct charging cable or plugs.

  • Are you tired of carrying charging cables on the go?
  • Are you looking for a flexible and portable means of carrying power?
  • Do you need an easy to use device charging solution with fast and shorter charging time?

CellPAD is the answer. CellPAD is a smart wireless charger without cables that is designed to eliminates cables typically required to charge mobile phones, all Qi devices and so on.

You can charge multiple devices at the same time! With advanced wired, and wireless technology. We have created CellPAD for your convenience to make life easy, fun for you, your friends and love ones.

About CellPAD

CellPad! is a High capacity 10.000mAh smart portable power bank which is designed to give you the enough power you need to keep going for a long journey. It is Built in high-quality and with a safe Li-polymer battery, good efficiency for energy storage. It has an advanced Qi standard wireless charging technology, with a higher charging efficiency. It Dual USB ports, allows you to charge 2 devices by using USB port, with an additional 1 Wireless charging function which makes it possible to charge 3 devices at the same time. It also has multiple intelligent protections against;

  • Overcharging✓
  • overheating✓
  • and over current✓

Ensuring the delivery of steady power output. It LCD intelligently display screen makes it easy to read the remaining usage capacity, and with a flashlight for emergency use in dark environment.

CellPAD is completely made of environmentally eco-friendly ABS and PC materials, providing a comfortable hand feel.

  • Portable. ✓
  • Easy. ✓
  • Stylish. ✓
  • Easy to carry anytime, anywhere. ✓

It has a fast wireless charging efficiency of up to 92% and a wired charging efficiency of up to 95%.

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Why your backing is really important.

By supporting CellPAD, together we will have the power to inspire, connect, and deliver on a new idea and rich innovation. And you’ll also get to own one of the very first copies of CellPAD, plus an exclusive access to provide valuable feedback that will shape future development of CellPAD.

It shouldn’t always be about grand innovations, it should also be about the little effort we all put together every day, every week and every month, in making something a little bit better.

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