You come home after a long, hard day at work. You prepare your dinner and sit yourself in front of your tech device.

Who will you be talking to tonight? Who will approach you and who will you approach? Topics?

Which topics would you like to talk about? Perhaps you would like to learn more about India, North-American butterflies, biotechnology, Belgian chocolate or how to make a certain type of bread. Maybe you just want to talk to someone?

The choice is yours. The possibility that someone somewhere in the world has knowledge about one or several of these topics are very high.

This book seems to exemplify the diversity of people that use the chat-tools today. What does the removal of fences between strangers do to people? Do we talk differently to others from behind the safety of that last, but important bit of distance?

Alongside those extracts, I have created some digital «persona», avatars representing all those virtual users in an art form.

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A book becomes a new art form

Turning a social media experience into a Book & digital Art.

All users taking part in the chats are becoming the digital Art pieces each with their own character, persona.

Besides publishing a book, part of this project will be an exhibition, «Chatrooms», featuring the virtual users in XL digital arts wall-mounted designs with an augmented reality experiences.

The visitors will be immersed in a virtual chat world. Ideally it would be great if this could happen at the Muda (Museum of Digital Art in Zürich), or else.

This is what I need backing for.

  • Book publishing costs (prepress layout, professional printing, packaging, ISBN).
  • Printing costs of Art(digital art prints 1mx1m mounted on alu dibond and other high quality tech material).
  • Costs for the exhibition(space, tech material for audio and for augmented reality experience).
  • Promotional costs (communication material, marketing, printing flyers, ads).