To teach the rights of the child thanks to innovative tools and to accompany the solidarity actions of the children to improve the access to these rights and their living conditions.

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Successfully concluded on 10/3/2023

The rights of the child are still too little known and respected!

A disturbing finding for the well-being of children…

Around the world, universal children’s rights are not always known and respected. Yet these rights are essential for children to be able to receive medical care, go to school or express themselves on issues that concern their lives. The academy supports them in teaching these rights and in setting up solidarity actions to defend them.

  • 132 million girls, between 7 and 17 years old, are deprived of their right to education (Plan International);
  • 70% of children aged 10 are unable to read and understand a simple text, which limits the knowledge of their rights (World Bank 2022);
  • One out of two people can name one of the most well-known children’s rights. One in three people do not name any institution in charge of the application of children’s rights (Defender of Rights in France 2017).

There is still a long way to go to ensure that children are properly informed of their rights and that their voice is truly taken into consideration.

Although their ability to act with conviction and courage is no longer in question everywhere in the world, society still does not fully recognize their rightful place.

Testimony of Celia (8 years old): «Children can do many things to help others, they can change the world and they are happy to do so».

The mission of the AIDDE Academy is to reach out to children aged 3 to 12 in Switzerland and around the world, as well as to education professionals and families. In order to achieve this mission, the academy is surrounded by experts in many fields (disability, rights, psychology, education, etc.).

To help children better understand and defend their rights, the academy acts on two complementary axes, in partnership with the people in charge of education:

1- The transmission of the necessary knowledge on the rights of the child through participatory tools designed and manufactured by itself (game, brochure, workshop, training, report).

2- Accompanying the children in the realization of solidarity actions chosen by them following the rights workshops. These actions actively contribute to improving their living conditions and those of other children (campaign for peace, giving a smile to sick children, planting for a healthier environment, etc.).

Julien’s testimony (teacher): «The workshop was a real success and the enthusiasm of the children was really nice to see.

What's special about the project

The academy is dedicated to children because it recognizes them as the first actors and defenders of their rights. They have been involved since the creation of the association and have naturally shown great enthusiasm to participate in the development of its activities.

Moreover, the academy designs its own resources with and for children. Beyond the transmission of knowledge on their rights, it motivates them to act so that they become a reality by taking their place as citizens.

Lucero’s testimony (11 years old): «I found the activities very fun, impactful and creative. I learned that we can help people in difficulty by defending their rights.

How your support will be used

Your support will allow the academy to continue over the next 3 months to make resources for children and education professionals in places with limited resources:


  • manufacture of 20 «ACTION! become a superhero of children’s rights» game kits that will be sent free of charge to schools or places of welcome in partner countries that do not have the means to pay for its purchase (e.g. in Peru, Argentina, Madagascar). Amount needed: 10’000 chf;


  • printing and distribution of 2’000 booklets «Mon petit cahier des droits de l’enfant» to schools and childcare centers all over the world that cannot afford to buy them (available in English, French and Spanish). Amount needed: 5’000 chf; AND
  • Preparation and graphic layout for the publication of our monthly children’s newspaper «PARLE» (available in English, German, French and Spanish). Amount needed: 5’000 chf.


  • Design a new captivating game on children’s rights adapted to the youngest children (3 to 6 years old), develop a prototype and test the playability in real conditions for constant improvement of the product.