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Chinese Art for the Chinese New Year

Every year in January / February starts the Chinese new year. I like to celebrate the new year with all the people of Switzerland.

2014 is the year that Switzerland and China will introduce the free trade agreement. To celebrate this new co-operation I have painted all twelve Chinese zodiac signs. Every year the sign changes, and after 12 years they repeat each other again.

This january 31st starts the year of the horse, so for this event I like to have the first lithograph ready. Then every month of the year 2014 I want to introduce the next lithograph, for everybody to enjoy.

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What it is about?

I am painting with special «Heavy Color» from China on original Chinese paper, all directly imported by myself. These colors are very shiny, and bring life into the daily grey days. I like people to be happy every day.

What you will get

In order for me to produce each lithograph in the high quality needed, I will need you to back me up. Each of you that purchases a lithograph will get the lowest number possible – first come first serve!

In addition to each lithograph I will produce a set of gift cards from each of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. From these I can choose the card from the year you are born, and write a personal note for you in Chinese.

I make many different kind of paintings – Here is one that I can make personally for you – all you have to do is to give me your name:

«Lotus Girl» is one of my first paintings I have made over 20 years ago , when I have studied at the Guilin University under my professor Bai Xiao Jun. This painting has layed the groundwork of my own style, which I still follow today with in most paintings.

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To Leisa Li from Bai Xiao Jun (my University Professor)

As the words of Tolstoy is, I ’m an artist, «I strive to live long than the beauty.» Really nice is the painting Leisa Li, but it forms in the desire for the good life nor beauty. Her temperament can be anywhere be felt in the works of art. With vibrant colors, evocative strokes and thereby brought out beauty, either subject or scenery and flowers, we can so receive their persistent passion for life and art has its strong interiority .

Leisa Li I fully expect you will bring in your future more and more joy to people of the world! – Bai Xiao Jun