The book

Over the last three years I have completed more than 800 drawings with a wide soft pencil on A4 office paper. I wish to publish the best of them in a simple book format. The book contains 240 pages with one drawing on each leaf (incl. two photographs). One small softback covers the book dummy. Each book has its own individual succession of images. The book will be published by March 2016 with Kodoji Press.

  • 205 x 292 mm
  • 240 pages
  • 238 pencil drawings and 2 b/w photographs
  • edition: 100
  • Riso print on Munken Print White paper
  • retail price: CHF 50 / EUR 45 / USD 55
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Your help

To realise this project, I need your help to pay for the paper and printing expenses.

My rewards

You will receive in return:

  • a signed and numbered special edition of the book
  • a signed original drawing (framed or unframed), in time for Christmas
  • a signed and numbered special collector’s edition with an unique original drawing included in the center of the publication

The framed print will look approximately like this:

Many thanks to everyone who shares this link or supports financially my project to help make this book happen.

So ungefähr wird der gerahmte Print aussehen

Vielen herzlichen Dank an alle, die diesen Link weiterleiten oder mein Projekt finanziell unterstützen und somit das Zustandekommen des Buchs ermöglichen.