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Dein Projekt gefällt uns – und gehört daher momentan zur Kategorie «Unsere Lieblinge»! Für die nächsten Tage erscheint es auf der Startseite und in der Kategorie «Empfohlene».
Ein guter Grund ein bisschen stolz zu sein und es allen zu erzählen: Verfasse eine News, einen Post oder Tweet!
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Since we are going through strange times the response to this campaign is strange: Climate, Bees & Trees should be a concern to anyone caring about a healthy environment - which clearly is threatened. Yet, backers for this project seem to come on board unexpectedly slow. ... So, I have added a big, cumulative+ reward for someone who wants to change the status quo....
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Over the weekend 6 backers signed up and 3 more are in the process of doing so - THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

This week we shall focus on the work of Cosco and Chris in the Alpujarras - hope you're going to enjoy.

Cheers, tom
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The kick-off event went very well indeed. Please watch here:
This is what is need for all of us NOW!