6 personalities join hands for a common cause: ecology and climate adaptation. Bees & Trees are the key issues in their effort for positive change and #Climatadaptation for which YOUR help is needed!

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Concluded on 26/10/2020

CLIMATE ADAPTATION: The Bees and Trees Initiative

Nature – the common good, at risk – through exploitation and climate change. Therefore we engage for climate adaptation and the regeneration of a healthy environment: we start at community level and with practical skills, naturalizing villages with trees and plants, reinvigorating the bees, teaching the crafts and the arts necessary in our times. With YOUR HELP we can give this work greater impact and make it the start of a paradigm change. We are inviting you to come on board, be part of this struggle for the common goal, to keep the planet a human affair.

We are:

  • Tom Amatt, Basel, Switzerland: founder of Giraffe Heroes Foundation (GHF) and initiator of the campaign. GHF identifies and commends people who Stick Their Neck Out for the common good and coordinates their efforts to increase impact where possible – and this is what THIS campaign is about.

  • André Wermelinger, Fribourg, Switzerland: engineer, reseacher and founder of FREETHEBEES, an NGO which puts the needs of bees before the wants of beekeepers . This project makes his achievements available for the First European Bee Reserve, Alpujarra, Spain.

  • Hendrik Haers, Bassevelde, Belgium: a once veterinarian, Hendrik now devotes his talents to re-naturalize villages in a way that humans and nature can come together again in harmony. He specializes in fauna and flora alike including bees as a key element as well as putting emphasis on the proper planting of trees. This project will give him an audience not only in Belgium, but Switzerland and Spain alike. Let Hendrik help YOU to plant the right tree and protect the bee.

  • Cosco - Louis de Cordier, Alpujarra, Spain: artist, explorer and social activist, Cosco is about to start the First European Bee Reserve with our help in an innovative way, high in the Spanish Sierra Nevada Mountains. Help Cosco with the realization of his Mediterranean Stone Hive constructions, which are going to start next spring!

  • Chris Malins, Alpujarra, Spain: Chris is a teacher and researcher and has been developing holistic nature-based educational ideas for teachers and children for over a decade. He also has a specialist interest in tree morphology and overall his educational work focuses on the importance of experiential interactions with nature for kids and adults alike. With our help we enable him to put his knowledge to an international audience via a lecture series outlining his GreenTransitioning Program. Furthermore, with your help Chris can start a tree planting spree on the grounds of Cosco’s Bee Reserve as soon as by coming spring!

  • Dimi Dumortier, Rotselaar, Belgium: activist, artist, actor, film maker….. Dimi has produced extraordinary documentaries on shoestring budgets. His present project is the film Not Your Bee following his previous bee documentary about the issue with The Wild Bees that Keep Us. With our help Dimi will be able to document the work of this nascent movement «GECA: Giraffes for Ecology and Climate Adaptation» and promote his documentary «Not Your Bee» throughout the world!

First of a Series

This campaign shall be the first in a series of events through which a wider audience shall be brought into the fold of a growing movement for a healthier, more resilient environment. In today’s society nature needs our help as much as we are dependent on nature. All the Giraffe Heroes above work on creating awareness for the possibility as well as necessity to benefit from and contribute to a nature in harmony with society, where society heals with a healing nature. We hope you will join and SEE YOU SOON!

Trees and bees are the most crucial ingredient for a functioning environment, for a healthy nature and a healthy society. They have been and are discriminated against on a global scale. André, Chris, Cosco, Dimi, Hendrik and Tom have set about to change this trend in an informed and systematic way. Help us to succeed!

Over the course of the coming six weeks we shall present you with details of all the individual works in progress. We hope you will want to support us and we invite you to become a part of our network, the «Giraffe Heroes for Environment and Climate Adaptation (GECA)»!

Allocation of Returns:

To finance the activities of the presented Giraffe projects we need at least CHF 50’000. No upper limit has been defined for the campaign. Without these minimum funds, however, our heroes cannot implement their projects.

About half of your donation will therefore go to our bees, trees and environmental projects. The other half will be used just as importantly for events and tutorials and will help us to win even more people over to our common cause.

If you would like to receive a tax receipt for your donation or if you have a question, please contact tp@giraffe-heroes.eu.