Climdo is a sustainability platform that makes it possible to quantify, track and reduce individual environmental impacts on the immediate environment.

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Experience how easy it is to make a difference

Hey, I want to tell you about Climdo - the platform that has helped me to understand and reduce my ecological footprint. 🌍 With Climdo, I can see exactly how my behaviour affects the environment and get helpful tips on how to live more sustainably. Whether as an individual, in a company or as part of a community, Climdo offers the tools to measure and improve your own environmental footprint. What I particularly appreciate about Climdo is the opportunity to share my progress and inspire others to be more environmentally conscious too. If you often ask yourself how you can make your everyday life more sustainable without too much effort, then Climdo is just the thing for you! Try it out and let’s make a difference together. 🌿

Individual sustainability activities

Hey everyone! I want to tell you about Climdo, my new favourite platform for sustainability. 🌍

Personal sustainability score My personal sustainability score is really great! It helps me to increase my awareness of sustainable behaviour and motivates me to make positive changes in my everyday life. It’s fascinating to see how small adjustments can protect the environment. The score is transparent, fair and customisable, takes individual needs and challenges into account and motivates me to live in a more environmentally friendly way step by step.

Ecological footprint Seeing the ecological footprint in gigahectares makes me aware of how my decisions and habits affect the environment. This dynamic value adapts to my lifestyle at all times so that I can track my progress and recognise opportunities for improvement. I am grateful for this score and the chance to actively do something for our planet.

Climate hero Every month, the climate hero is determined by activities, points and positive exchanges. Anyone, whether user or company, can apply for this title, which increases motivation for a sustainable lifestyle.

Comparisons and playful competition I can compare my results with friends and other users. What activities are my friends doing? What score do they have? How can I improve? It’s exciting to see what all users in a city like Graz can achieve together.

Social media on Climdo Climdo offers social media functions where I can upload my posts, scroll through other posts and search for topics. I can use «Yeah» instead of «Like» to express that I like a post or comment.

Added value for companies It is particularly important for companies to know how their products, supply chains and locations affect their ecological footprint. New are the employee challenges, which can be viewed, analysed and recreated. It is even possible to subdivide them into specialised areas so that employees can contribute directly to the sustainability of their company.

Further functions There are many other functions, including the newly developed advertising manager with sentiment parameters, logo recognition and AI-based influencer management. Climdo offers innovative and profitable approaches for a sustainable future. Why not give it a try and let’s make a difference together!

Are you Climdo? It needs your support now

Climdo finally allows me to playfully slow down climate change through my actions and leave a life-friendly planet for my children. 🌍 If that alone wasn’t innovative enough, Climdo adds a further exclamation mark with its secure 2-way registration, its own games, the material scanner, an advertising manager for each user and many other functions. These features give Climdo a unique selling point and make it the leading platform for sustainable trade. We now need your support to make Climdo a reality! Every contribution, big or small, brings us closer to our goal of creating a more sustainable future. Let’s make the world a better place together! 🌱 Join us and become part of the Climdo community - for an earth worth living on for our children and future generations!