Long-lasting, organic, circular clothes with a social impact. Good for the planet, the people and your skin too. Using European organic raw-materials fairly and entirely made in Europe.

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CHF 13’170

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  • Funding goal: CHF 13’000 achieved
  • Stretch goal: CHF 18’000
  • Regardless of whether the stretch goal is achieved, the funds will be paid to the project.

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Das Team und die Idee mega cool sind!

Awesome people great project!

This project is addressing one of the major sustainability challenges:
- Issue of work conditions in the fashion
- Supply chain of fashion has a very negative impact on the planet.
With Cloudburst, you can have a positive impact on both at the same time and is therefore a unique opportunity.

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Wir unterstützen Silvia und Ben, weil sie mit ihrer fantastischen Idee die Fast-Fashion-Industrie umkrempeln und verändern können. Circular und mit einem richtigen social impact!

Silvia & Ben are incredibly passionate about this adventure and we are super confident that their business idea will succeed in the circular economy industry! We wish both good luck and plenty of energy for their journey. M & E

Innovative und sehr engagierte Gründer mit einer unterstützenswerten Vision!