Long-lasting, organic, circular clothes with a social impact. Good for the planet, the people and your skin too. Using European organic raw-materials fairly and entirely made in Europe.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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The clothes we wear, can make a difference

Clothing is our second skin and we believe, everything we wear is a statement. We would like to give you the possibility to stand for something fair, planet-friendly and impactful.

You can own a piece of clothing which generates a triple impact: 🇪🇺 EUROPEAN / 💛 SOCIAL / ♻️ CIRCULAR

EUROPEAN: 100% European ethical production, European organic raw-materials.

SOCIAL: We have a socially responsible, transparent and fair European supply chain.

But we don’t stop there!

We are called cloudburst® for a reason! 🌦 20% of the gross profit of every sold product is separated and collected in our «virtual cloud» which will be displayed on our website. From here, the stored money «rains down» like a cloudburst (Wolkenbruch) every 4 months on specific humanitarian projects of charities.

You can make the cloud grow with your pre-order! This campaign’s profits will form our very first cloudburst®. 20% of the profit will be donated to the Ukrainian Emergency Fund of Save The Children Schweiz, providing vital help for children in need! 🤲🏼 🇺🇦

CIRCULAR: In Switzerland, we produce around 52 Mio.kg‼️ of textile-waste every year and the most of it can’t be recycled, ending up in landfills. Let’s stop this. ♻️ Our goal is to design products that are long-lasting, easy to repair, recycle and keep in the loop as long as possible.

As soon as you need to part ways with your cloudburst® clothes, we will take them back and reuse them. This means they leave only nice memories and no waste behind. We can even give you directions, how to compost your product and give it back to mother nature. 🌱

But sending it back to us is better for the planet and you will be rewarded on your next order too!

✨Start your transformation to a more circular and social wardrobe today!✨

First product line: the «OC» organic circular T-Shirts

We have 3 styles for you:


🌱 The fabric of our T-Shirts is something special: GOTS certified organic cotton from Greece. It’s not traveling around half of the globe, uses 90%+ less water than «regular» cotton and no harmful pesticides are used. It’s the best for the farmers and the soil too.

🪢 The knitting of the fabric is a special round-knitting technique which makes the T-Shirts long-lasting.

⛔️🧪No chemicals or colouring touches our fabrics ever! Yes! Our T-Shirts, have the natural and original color of organic cotton! 🤗 Our soft, uncoloured fabric saves extra amounts of water and pollution. If you have a sensitive and easily irritated skin, we got you!

🏭 We are really proud of the makers of our T-Shirts! Their precious work and expertise is really something remarkable. Every production step from fabric knitting to finishing of the t-shirts takes place in Hungary, in facilities led by people we have the pleasure to personally know. 🧑🏻👴🏻👩🏽👱🏼‍♂️ Made in Greece & Hungary with love.

Let’s make fair, organic + circular clothing the new normal!

Why we need your support?

With your pre-order and support we can reach

our first Goal: 13.000 CHF, this enables us to:

  • launch our first product line, the «OC» T-Shirts

the 2nd stretch-Goal: 18.000 CHF enables us to:

  • hire a freelance developer who helps us finalise the coding of our web-experience and the impact displaying cloud.

  • hire a freelance digital marketing specialist and a designer to create awesome awareness-rising content.


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👋🏻 Hi we are Silvi and Ben!

We have both seen first-hand how companies that will sacrifice almost anything on the altar of profit-maximisation and greed, put profit first, destroy the planet, exploit people and instill harmful patterns of consumption in people.

Silvi’s grand-mother and both of her parents lost their jobs in the textile industry in Hungary due to clothing brands moving their production to Asia, where labor is cheap and unethical processes are sadly often turned the blind eye.

For Ben, it was the lessons learned in Business School and through working for two of the biggest global corporations that guided him to realise how unfairly and disproportionately profit is distributed along the supply chain.

Together, we connected the dots and throw ourselves into action to help break the cycle of fast fashion consumption, ecological destruction and economic exploitation of people and the planet.

In 2015 we decided together to start our social business, we started to ask countless questions, researched and generated savings to launch our company one day. In 2020 we got the idea of the cloudburst® method and now you can help us make this a reality by pre-ordering our products and supporting us on this journey.

We believe that, change is in our hands and together, we are a force for good.

Spread the word and let’s make circularity and social responsibility the new normal!

Thank you!