A new page is being written for Coffee Page! And new premises mean new projects! 🥳 What's new? More seats, a terrace, brunches, afterworks and many other surprises...

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Do you know Coffee Page?

Coffee Page is a coffee shop/bookstore located between the Lausanne train station and Saint-François that was created in 2019. Coffee Page is a place to rest and escape, a place to enjoy one’s day with an excellent coffee accompanied by a homemade cake or a croissant. We pride ourselves on carefully selecting different types of beans to offer high quality coffees to suit all tastes.

You can also find stationery, tableware and, most importantly, a wide range of beautiful books that will make you travel, whether on the spot or at home.

The Coffee Page team always welcomes you with a smile and pays great attention to detail, craftsmanship and of course, to the quality of our products.

What is the project?

Coffee Page has currently limited seats and unfortunately does not feature a kitchen nor a terrace. ☹️

The desire to offer you new products and more space led us to acquire a new place… only a few steps away!

Following the acquisition of this new premises, we are currently carrying out the first stage of the project, which consists in upgrading and refurbishing the place, as well as buying a new coffee machine (obviously!). These first steps are now partially financed.

Once this step has been completed, the place will be used at first as an extension to the existing café to provide more places both inside and outside (thanks to the additional terrace for the nice days). From now on, you should find a seat more easily! 🤗

After that, we want to set up a kitchen and offer simple dishes prepared on the spot, for your brunches or afterworks (yes, you read that right, the hours will be extended as well, sooner or later!).

What next?

This is where YOU come in… ! 🤗

Your support will first help finalize the first stage. Then, we will need to install a kitchen in order to offer you small catering made on the spot (quiches, salads, cakes, etc.) that will whether accompany your coffees, brighten up Saturday brunches or allow you to nibble during your afterworks.

As a result, some more substantial work needs to be done by bringing in a plumber, an electrician, a tiler and fitting out the kitchen by buying the necessary professional equipment : a special oven, fridges, a food processor, sinks and taps, etc.

Your support will also make it possible to invest in a very important item for afterwork events: a beer tapping machine. There’s no better way to relax after work than with a little sunshine on the terrace!

If the target is exceeded, the third step can be started: developing Coffee Page further and offering extended opening hours, cocktails, natural wines and focus on whisky for amateurs and many other surprises… 🤗

We assure you a beautiful atmosphere with self-designed, tailor and homemade decoration & furnishings. If you already love Coffee Page, you will love this new universe even more, we can guarantee it! 🤩

The whole team is thankful for your help and is happy to see you soon there!

The Coffee Page team: Lora, Salomé, Valentin, Jade, Adeline & Jean

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