Abraham / Coilguns – Split


La Chaux-de-Fonds and Lausanne

LP and CD pressing of a split record with Swiss math-punks COILGUNS and dark heavy sludge bearded buddies ABRAHAM. About 15-20 minutes of music per band.

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This is Coilguns and Abraham.


August 2013: As Luc Hess and Jona Nido are touring Mexico with their former band (THE OCEAN COLLECTIVE), Producer Ricardo Zuniga approach them and offers them 2 days in his studio DBRICK PRODUCTIONS in Mexico City. The two partners accept and write and record 2 songs during their short staying. Being used to collaborate with different artists and bands - and also because releasing records with friends is always a lot of fun - The trio from La Chaux-de-Fonds approached ABRAHAM (Lausanne) to know if they would be interested in adding some beard and potentially one dark sounding masterpiece on a split record. Considering the level of intimacy gained through several nights of debauchery together, ABRAHAM immediately accepted

Since you guys are all dirty punks and do everything yourself, why should I support you?

Well, first off, let’s be clear. It’s not like you are simply sponsoring us. You are simply pre-ordering your CD or LP copy a bit earlier than usual. And yes, most of the steps into producing these tunes have been handled on our own (Artwork, recording, promotion, release through COILGUNS very own label HUMMUS RECORDS) and moreover we are lucky enough to be surrounded by professionals whom accept to work for almost no money.

For the pressing, well… We don’t really have a friend running a pressing plant so we don’t really have another choice than paying full price to be able to offer a sexy looking record. When you sum up all these costs (pressing,recording, mixing, mastering, artwork, etc…) you look at some serious figures that radio-friendly bands like us would rather invest into sketchy tour buses and cheap polish diesel to share our passion of the occult with our (not so) numerous fans around the world.

What else?

Pressing this LP will see for the first time some ABRAHAM sound on vinyl. The quintet from Lausanne has already released 2 albums (AN EYE ON THE UNIVERSE, and more recently THE SERPENT, THE PROPHET AND THE WHORE) on the prestigious berlin based record label PELAGIC RECORDS. But both of these albums have only been released as CD’s.

COILGUNS are used to release vinyls and other handmade CD’s . The release of this split album with ABRAHAM will simply be another funny excuse to go on a 7 weeks european tour starting mid-september. The tour will be built around 2 shows already confirmed: INCUBATE FESTIVAL on september 21st in Tilburg, Netherlands and London at the famous UNDERWORLD in Camden on october 18th.

PETE ADAMS, guitar player from worldwide critically acclaimed Heavy Rock band BARONESS, has also participated in the recording of one COILGUNS song.