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Community and Kids / Youth

Hilfe zur Jugend-Initiative

In Zusammenarbeit mit Sekundarschulen in der Region «Gruyère» haben wir uns herausgefordert, T-Shirts zugunsten einer humanitären Aktion zu verkaufen, die von «Au Coeur du Niger» in Niger durchgeführt
by RW-Solidarité, Gruyères
11% funded
CHF 900 pledged
17 days to go
Community, tourism, and Environment

The Climate Express

The only orienteering race of its kind in Switzerland, where participants must navigate to environmental related checkpoints across the country!
by Swiss Youth for Climate, Jérôme, and Anaïs, Lausanne
30% funded
CHF 15’035 pledged
11 days to go
Community and Kids / Youth


We are part of the CALWHA - Children and Adolescent With HIV/AIDS project, of the M.E.T.I.S. association.
by M.E.T.I.S., Lausanne
31% funded
CHF 1’113 pledged
44 days to go
Exhibition, Community, and Art

Soutenir un lieu de culture

Vous avez soif de culture ? Alors vous êtes certainement au bon endroit. En effet, Artishow est le premier Bar-Café-Galerie de Suisse.
by Artishow, Lausanne
20% funded
CHF 1’630 pledged
26 days to go

Solidarität Paraplegiker

In der gegenwärtigen sanitarischen Ausnahmesituation sammeln wir Spenden für die Schweizer Paraplegiker-Stiftung und bieten im Gegenzug Kommunikationsdienstleistungen oder kleine Aufmerksamkeiten an.
by Agence Trio, Lausanne
10% funded
CHF 510 pledged
29 days to go

La Grange d'Ogoz

Un espace convivial de rencontres et de culture, ouvert à tous, est en cours de réalisation : la Grange d'Ogoz! Nous avons besoin de votre aide pour finaliser les travaux !
by Ferme de l'Areyna, Vuisternens-en-Ogoz
47% funded
CHF 23’730 pledged
29 days to go
Community and Literature

Sauvons Le Rameau d'Or !

Ouverte depuis 1978, la librairie indépendante Le Rameau d’Or, ce lieu où la magie opère dès que l’on franchit sa porte risque aujourd’hui de fermer. Voici comment vous pouvez nous aider à le sauver.
by Librairie Le Rameau d'Or, Geneva
80% funded
CHF 32’358 pledged
24 days to go

Support food bank Geneva

Your contributions will go directly to the heart of Partage activities. They will be used to finance the work of the teams in the field, maintain the logistics equipment and fund Partage food bank.
by SGS people- 15 days challenge, Geneva
76% funded
CHF 760 pledged
14 days to go
Community, Environment, and Education

Center Xung macht Yung

With your help the very first community health center in Thun is going to open its doors on January 17th 2021. Here everything is about growing together, move, nutrition, healing and sustainability.
by Team Xung macht Yung, Thun
23% funded
CHF 3’977 pledged
13 days to go
Science, Community, and Education

Stipendien Schreibberatung

Sponsoring/Stipendium für ein Schreibcoaching für Studierende mit geringen Mitteln.
by Ingo, Bern and Thun
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
18 days to go

Operation Clint

Hello! it's Clint and I need your help with hip surgery. I would love to get back to my old life and you can help me contribute to it. Thank you!
by JLamon, Bern
102% funded
CHF 5’100 pledged
11 days to go
Music and Community

Barrierefreie Musik fördern

Tabula Musica ist als Zentrum für barrierefreie Musik in Bern ein Projekt gelebter Inklusion. Statt grosse Hallen zu füllen, wollen wir corona-konform mit Album in euer Wohnzimmer. Fingers crossed!
by Tabula Musica, Bern
13% funded
CHF 3’253 pledged
15 days to go

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