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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Cannes. But this may be of interest to you.

Community, Environment, and Education


Label Marque Employeur

by NouvelleDurabilité

My project consists of creating a Swiss Label which makes it possible to identify employers who take concrete measures for the psycho-mental health and well-being of their employees.

1 %
CHF 350
10 days to go

Startup, Environment, and Animals

Geneva and Lausanne


by Marco and Lucas

A 21st century animal center. Including veterinary clinic, canine hospitality and services such as 24 hour emergency, physiotherapy, grooming, walking and many other services.

0 %
41 days to go

Startup, Technology, and Environment


Contribuez à recycler des linges qui ne répondent plus aux normes de qualité (destinés à la poubelle!) pour en faire du nouveau fil flambant neuf!

20 %
CHF 1’580
25 days to go

Technology and Environment

Zürich, Geneva, and Lugano


by Andreas Ceccon

Die mobilen ThermalRadar Anlage dient zur Frühbranderkennung bei Waldbränden, aber auch als Perimeterschutz für Flughäfen, Solaranlagen und wichtige Infrastrukturen.

0 %
CHF 30
10 days to go

Food, agriculture, and Environment


Help me realise the project for the Mini Farm, a new way to locally produce vegetables, honey, jams, compotes and artisan pastry products.

0 %
7 days to go

Kids / Youth, Literature, and Environment

Alto Malcantone

Lea e L'Ape Adelaide

by Roberta e Benedetta

Lea e l'Ape Adelaide è un libro nato per i bambini, per avvicinarli alla natura attraverso il divertimento. Tanti bimbi hanno già conosciuto Adelaide, così tanti che ora abbiamo bisogno di ristamparlo

30 %
CHF 300
7 days to go

Agriculture, Community, and Environment

Ugento and Lausanne

Restoring a region’s former dignity while helping the planet: that’s the ambitious project L'Olivane has set itself! Offset your carbon footprint by sponsoring an olive tree in Puglia.

0 %
CHF 120
40 days to go

Architecture, Environment, and Education


Voyage d'étude en écologie

by Technicien paysagiste ES

La classe ESHO de Technicien-ne paysagiste a pour but de réaliser un voyage d’étude pour approfondir ses connaissances concernant l’écologie, le développement durable et les aménagements extérieurs.

1 %
CHF 122
16 days to go

Fair Trade, art, and Environment


It's time to offer the whole of Switzerland a sustainable and artistic alternative for dressing and decorating your home, thanks to Upcycling, the art of making new from old!

34 %
CHF 4’115
5 hours to go

Politics, Community, and Environment


Wir ergreifen Partei für ...

by Karin Fisli and Bänz Müller

... dich! Wir wollen gemeinsam für alle einstehen und dich im Bundeshaus vertreten. Um einen guten Wahlkampf zu gestalten, benötigen wir Geld. Hilf mit, damit die Vielfalt im Nationalrat breiter wird.

20 %
CHF 500
35 days to go

Community, Environment, and Education


Climate Talks & Permaculture

by Zoe Stadler and Ursula Bründler Stadler

With trainings and engagement weeks in our permaculture garden, we want to strengthen the closeness to nature. With the Ranfter climate talks, we strengthen the discussion and network active people.

89 %
CHF 22’288
7 days to go

Politics, Technology, and Environment



by M.Cslovjecsek and smilla

Wir entwickeln eine Pyrolyseheizung für den urbanen Raum. Brennstoff sind die Gase, die bei der Verkohlung von Holz entweichen. Die gewonnene Pflanzenkohle entlastet die Umwelt von schädlichem CO2.