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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Havana. But this may be of interest to you.

Science, Environment, and Animals



by Marine_Bagnoud

Unravel the enigmatic world of wild moose with me and contribute to wildlife preservation by helping me to uncover their secrets in Alaska during my master's thesis!

3 %
CHF 185
38 days to go

Agriculture, Environment, and Education


Green Desert

by Jessica Bilali

With the first permaculture project in southern Morocco, we are counteracting desertification and teaching local people how to be self-sufficient in the long term.

40 %
CHF 10’074
13 days to go

Journalism, Environment, and Education

Geneva, Marseille, and Barcelona

Help Save the Med

by Ed Girardet and Tom Woods

Young and old no matter where you live, saving the Mediterranean and the world’s seas is a common imperative. Join us aboard WIKI for a storytelling expedition that harnesses media to drive change!

1 %
CHF 529
3 days to go

Science, Environment, and Animals


Mission Loup

by Mission Loup

Nous mènerons une étude officielle & indépendante d'une meute de loups et nous partagerons ses aventures et nos découvertes. Nous publierons également des articles approfondis sur le sujet.

13 %
CHF 270
37 days to go

Community, Environment, and Education


Label Marque Employeur

by NouvelleDurabilité

My project consists of creating a Swiss Label which makes it possible to identify employers who take concrete measures for the psycho-mental health and well-being of their employees.

1 %
CHF 350
15 days to go

Community, Sport, and Environment


Human Impulse - Stages 1 & 2

by Human Impulse - Louis

To achieve a solo, human-powered circumnavigation of the world, using only muscular power as the main engine. Through this adventure, I hope to inspire people to follow their own impulses!

72 %
CHF 18’031
5 days to go

Community, Festival, and Environment


Festival Objectif Terre

by Festival Objectif Terre 2023

Soutenez la 18ème édition du Festival Objectif Terre ! Du 9 au 11 juin 2023, venez à l’esplanade de MontBenon à Lausanne pour rencontrer les acteur.trice.x.s de l’écologie et la durabilité !

83 %
CHF 8’397
12 hours to go

Startup, Environment, and Animals

Geneva and Lausanne


by Marco and Lucas

A 21st century animal center. Including veterinary clinic, canine hospitality and services such as 24 hour emergency, physiotherapy, grooming, walking and many other services.

0 %
47 days to go

Fair Trade, art, and Environment


It's time to offer the whole of Switzerland a sustainable and artistic alternative for dressing and decorating your home, thanks to Upcycling, the art of making new from old!

31 %
CHF 3’765
5 days to go

Architecture, Environment, and Education


Voyage d'étude en écologie

by Technicien paysagiste ES

La classe ESHO de Technicien-ne paysagiste a pour but de réaliser un voyage d’étude pour approfondir ses connaissances concernant l’écologie, le développement durable et les aménagements extérieurs.

1 %
CHF 122
22 days to go

Environment, Education, and Animals


Brettspiel «Tanz der Bienen»

by Markus vom Verein Analoges Spielen & Lernen

Willkommen im Reich der Bienen! «Tanz der Bienen» ist ein thematisches und lernreiches Brettspiel für 2-4 Arbeiter:innen und Tänzer:innen ab 10 Jahren. Eine Partie dauert 40-60 min.

90 %
CHF 26’346
5 days to go

Community, Technology, and Environment



by Marie & Michaël Tuil

Your super light solar panel for the balcony: Hang it up, plug it into the socket - and you can supply your refrigerator and co. with your own green solar power. It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!