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Film, Community, and Art



by Benjamin Baumgartner

«When we get home» (Wenn wir wieder zu Hause sind) is an anti-war short film that aims to reflect the senselessness and drama of war and make people think.

EUR 495
16 %
47 days to go

Film, Community, and Performing Arts


CALIGULA - the movie

by Picco-Studio

CALIGULA as a feature film in Vienna in 2023! Dazzling and contemporary. Critical, political, sexy. Support us to stay independent!

EUR 30
1 %
18 days to go

Film, Community, and Tourism


Live excurs

by Roman

I want to create a WEB platform for viewing tours live. Thanks to live broadcasts, travel becomes available to everyone and in every point of the globe where there is Internet.

CHF 40
0 %
30 days to go

Film and Community


Unbekannter Bekannter

by Team Hirschfeld

Unterstütze uns dabei, diesen Dokfilm über Kurt Hirschfeld, dem ehemaligen Intendanten des Schauspielhauses Zürich und sein kulturelles Vermächtnis an die Schweizer Theaterlandschaft zu realisieren.

CHF 11’265
28 %
17 days to go

Film, Festival, and Kids / Youth

Suisse and Neuchâtel

Time Machine dans 7 villes

by Senders Production

Imaginez un événement avec vos ami·es, un film culte, des friperies, un foodtruck et tout ça dans un cinéma! C'est 𝐓୲𝜧𝐄 𝜧ᗩᥫ𝝜୲ℕ𝐄. Nous voulons débarquer dans 6 nouvelles villes, grâce à vous!

CHF 2’761
61 %
18 hours to go

Film and Community


TARA, le film.

by Troubadour Films

TARA, LES REMOUS DU TEMPS QUI RESTE est un film documentaire sur l’accompagnement en fin de vie, à la Maison de Tara. Un lieu UNIQUE en Suisse.

CHF 23’100
57 %
18 days to go

Film, Music, and Community



by Juan Manuel Vegas

A documentary portrait of the Geneva village of Cartigny at the rhythm of the seasons, of its traditions and through the words of some of the families who have arrived in the last twenty years.

CHF 11’395
75 %
5 days to go

Film, Kids / Youth, and Art

Lomé and Cotonou


by Indi_casa, Loic Clapstories, and Gains’Skeye

Contribute to this life project with us. Together we will make a beautiful documentary about an orphan reconnecting with his family and his journey to get there.