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Community and Technology


E-Health System Life4me+ (EHS Life4me+) is an absolutely free electronic ecosystem for people who living with HIV. EHS Life4me+ consists of three software: app for iOS, app for Android and web-portal.

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Music and Technology


Neue Webseite

by arte frizzante

Nach neun Jahren wird unsere aktuelle Ensemble-Webseite nicht länger betrieben. Deshalb muss eine Neue her!

51 %
CHF 2’550
26 days to go

Startup, Technology, and Tourism


Taste Match App

by Dave and Tobi

Find your perfect restaurant in any place you need inspiration. Taste Match - the «social network» to discover and share favourite places.

29 %
CHF 7’364
38 days to go

Science, Startup, and Technology


Personalizing Cancer Care

by Chris Steffi, Gian Nutal Schädli, and Barna

Help us now, revolutionize osteosarcoma treatment - an aggressive bone cancer affecting children. Minimal drug progress in this area needs attention. Contribute to breakthroughs and help young lives.

22 %
CHF 5’585
9 days to go

Startup, Community, and Technology


Soutenez-nous pour développer notre solution de réalité virtuelle sociale et thérapeutique! Et si les personnes à mobilité réduite retrouvaient la liberté de s'évader grâce à la réalité immersive?

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CHF 30
18 days to go

Photography and Technology


Brand New You

by Olivier Gisiger

Introducing «Brand New You», a (r)evolution in AI-assisted photography. Personalise your portraits and your brand image with individualized support.

16 %
CHF 3’386
19 days to go

Community, art, and Technology

Mexico City and Geneva

El Bosque de la Esperanza

by Aline Wani, Sergio Beltrán-García, and Maevia Griffiths

Help us grow a physical and virtual forest of memory for families in Mexico who suffer disappearance.

38 %
CHF 11’475
34 days to go

Startup, architecture, and Technology


Join the construction revolution! Support our project: a platform combining BIM and blockchain for secure and optimized data management. Be an actor of change!

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CHF 100
23 days to go

Community, Kids / Youth, and Technology


The donations received finance the solar system of the kids oncological hospital in Managua. You can get cool present: nicaraguan handcraft and the book I wrote on my life living and working abroad.