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Agriculture and Technology

Bührer Traktor restaurieren

Ich möchte begleitend zu meiner Lehre als Landmaschinenmechaniker einen Bührer DFD 4 restaurieren. Danke für deine Unterstützung!
by Louis, Oberbalm
22% funded
CHF 1’360 pledged
15 days to go
Kids / Youth, Technology, and Education


The school situation in Congo (DRC) has visibly deteriorated due to the pandemic. Thank you for your help to make this digital learning platform accessible to students!
by Zusammen für Afrika - Annie Mwila Tambwe, Basel
34% funded
CHF 5’100 pledged
10 days to go
Startup, Technology, and Environment

KUORI – waste turns material

Banana and nutshells are becoming with us the product of the future. Support us in the development of our biodegradable, elastic and bio-based alternative plastic.
by KUORI, Basel
14% funded
CHF 3’622 pledged
33 days to go
Technology and Education

Voice up your LibreOffice

We started this project to fund a functional extension to enable audio recording and playback in LibreOffice presentations to facilitate eLearning.
by CH Open, Zürich
9% funded
EUR 1’662 pledged
37 days to go
Politics, Technology, and Environment

Climate Ticker

A nationwide regional climate rating and a platform that enables climate-conscious individuals and NGOs to become effectively and directly active in their communities and cantons.
by Klima-Allianz und Alliance Digitale, Zürich, Bern, and Geneva
8% funded
CHF 2’107 pledged
45 days to go
Community and Technology

E Mobilität

Man findet immer Unterstützer*innen, die App für Motorradfahrer mit einem iPhone.
by Thomas Trüb, Zürich
5% funded
CHF 200 pledged
20 days to go
Food, agriculture, and Technology

Vegetable cuisine

DasPure invests in a new vegetable kitchen. We produce miso, shoyu and garum of the highest quality. With the new kitchen, production will be more efficient and new products will be created.
by DasPure, Wetzikon
86% funded
CHF 30’134 pledged
21 days to go