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Food, agriculture, and Technology

Vegetable cuisine

DasPure invests in a new vegetable kitchen. We produce miso, shoyu and garum of the highest quality. With the new kitchen, production will be more efficient and new products will be created.
by DasPure, Wetzikon
86% funded
CHF 30’134 pledged
21 days to go
Comics and Literature

La Révolution des Fourmis

La Révolution des Fourmis, c’est un projet créatif et local : une première publication en tant qu’auteur pour Krel et une première édition pour Pé Et pour cela, on a besoin de votre aide.
by Pé and Krel, Lausanne
82% funded
CHF 16’565 pledged
5 days to go

Jan Heinke Solo Album

Jan Heinke left us on April 20th, 2022. Up until just a few days before his death he continued to play music on his self-developed Stahlcello. With your help we will be able to release his solo album.
by ania & mats, Dresden, Bern, and Rumisberg
77% funded
CHF 11’655 pledged
19 days to go

EL MIZAN – Harba (1er Album)

El Mizan puise dans ce grand brassage méditerranéen des sonorités noires, du rock qui exulte aux harmonies vocales élégantes, entonnées en darija, le dialecte transversal du Maghreb.
by EL MIZAN, Suisse and Lausanne
77% funded
CHF 7’764 pledged
8 days to go
Community and Kids / Youth

Projet Réunir

Soutiens les réfugié-e-s à réaliser leur regroupement familial en Suisse dans les meilleurs délais et conditions! Pour aider à réunir 5 familles, nous avons besoin de 7'500fr.
by elisa-asile, Genève
71% funded
CHF 7’530 pledged
16 days to go
Community, Kids / Youth, and Education

Troll Waldkinder

Support us to continue Troll Waldkinder! We want to expand the our care offering - for a better compatibility of family and work. We are replacing old material to be up to date.
by Trollwaldkinder, Zürich
98% funded
CHF 29’670 pledged
6 days to go
Photography and Publishing

Der Alpstein

«Schon wieder ein Berg­buch mag manch­er denken. Oh, Nein…» Was der Fotograf Thomas Biasotto nun präsentiert, ist ein wahres fotografisches Meisterwerk von und für seine Heimat, DER ALPSTEIN.
by Thomas, Appenzell
79% funded
CHF 9’581 pledged
6 days to go
Publishing, art, and Literature

春の軌跡 Haru no kiseki

Edition of travel diaries in Japan, combining story and illustration of a spring adventure on the island of Shikoku. 1200 km on foot to tell the mood of the day and draw my daily life as a pilgrim.
by Boiseaubert Marie, Bâle
74% funded
EUR 4’090 pledged
10 days to go
Photography, Publishing, and Politics

One man water cannon test

One man water cannon test is a photo book by Swiss photographer Eric Bachmann. The photo series from 1969 documents the self-test with one of the first water cannons acquired in Switzerland.
by Dominik Bachmann, Zürich
80% funded
CHF 5’462 pledged
12 days to go

Beyond Dystopia

Beyond Dystopia bringen ihr erstes Album heraus! Um das Werk ordentlich präsentieren zu können, sind wir auf eure Unterstützung angewiesen!
by Samuel Fischer, Interlaken and Thun
80% funded
CHF 4’005 pledged
10 days to go
Photography and Startup

Irina Garcia Photography 2.0

Hiermit erhoffe ich mir deine tolle Unterstützung bei der Finanzierung einer Portfolio Zeitung und einer neuen Webseite für die baldige Wiederaufnahme meiner Selbständigkeit – 2.0!

by Irina, Zürich
72% funded
CHF 4’350 pledged
3 days to go
Music, Performing arts, and Art

TrioColores & Avner Dorman

With the commission of a new Triple Concerto by the American-Israeli composer Avner Dorman, the TrioColores would like to fulfill a dream they have been striving for a long time.
by TrioColores, Zürich
54% funded
CHF 9’500 pledged
9 days to go