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Print the Store - 3D Print

Technology, Comics, and Games


Print the Store - 3D Print

by Sascha Trautmann

The implementation of an online shop for 3D-printed figures and models, the long-term sale of materials, and the production of prototypes. Custom printing tailored to the end user.

4 %
CHF 410
19 hours to go
"Live excurs"live excursion

Tourism, architecture, and Education


Hi everyone, live tours are a super idea that gives everyone without exception to visit tourist spots in different places of our planet. This is my Startup and I am asking for help to realize it.

0 %
8 days to go
Beans and Balls

Food, Startup, and Community


Feelgoodfood auf dem Merkurplatz. Wir möchten euch weiterhin mit leckerem, frischem und nachaltigem Takeway-Essen aus Hugos Küche verwöhnen. Sei bei der Weiterführung des Foodtrucks dabei!

90 %
CHF 30’910
14 days to go
Golden Balls



Golden Balls

by Golden Balls

Golden Balls: Reinventing comfort food with deep-fried pasta delights. Join our flavorful journey and bring crispy joy to every occasion! 🍝✨

0 %
34 days to go
Wahlkampagne SP Toggenburg

Politics, Community, and Environment


Wahlkampagne SP Toggenburg

by Ramon Kühne and Joel Müller

Wir brauchen dich um einen aktiven Wahlkampf zu führen, damit linke Perspektiven aus dem Toggenburg sich mehr im Kantonsrat einbringen können. Für eine soziale und nachhaltige Politik in St.Gallen!

21 %
CHF 640
42 days to go
New Physio Gym in Aathal

Community, Sport, and Startup

Seegräben and Zürich

We are finally able to reach our dream of running our own health care practice with a new physio gym. The space is soon ours and with your help, we will be able to fill it with the best equipment.

67 %
CHF 16’825
7 days to go
Zumiker Dorfbeiz

Community and Food


Zumiker Dorfbeiz

by Matthias Rüegg

Während des Umbaus des Dorfplatzes ab 2024 verfügt Zumikon quasi über keine Restaurants im Dorfzentrum mehr. Da wollen wir etwas dagegen tun!

52 %
CHF 21’050
21 days to go
Environmental Art. Research

Environment, Science, and Art

Trubschachen and Zürich

Environmental Art. Research

by EAR Environmental Artistic Research and Kaspar König

The non-profit association EAR promotes local and international listening culture to create a more sustainable and just society. Your support enables 4 research projects in 2024!

79 %
CHF 6’348
13 days to go
Frauenkino Xenia – Zürich

Publishing, Film, and Community


Ein Buch über das Frauenkino Xenia (1988–2003). Geschichte und Spirit inklusive. Mit Deiner Unterstützung rückt das Ziel näher!

87 %
CHF 7’870
5 days to go
Curls-IN. Full Swing.

Science, Fashion, and Startup


Curls-IN is far more than just an ordinary curling band - it's smart, embodies innovation, simplicity, and sustainability, and adapts to your lifestyle

95 %
CHF 14’261
43 hours to go
Erika Spencer Debut Album



Hi! My debut album «Go» is about the courage to set off without knowing how it will all turn out - it would mean a lot to me if you’d help me finance it.

97 %
CHF 7’793
22 days to go
"The waiting room"

Art and Exhibition


«The waiting room»

by Lily Pellaud

I'm throwing myself in the waters of curation and therefore organizing an exhibition in December in my flat. The money collected will remunerate the artists and cultural actors that will partake.