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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Aarhus. But this may be of interest to you.
Design and Community

Soutenez les droits d'auteur

Un restaurateur en ville de Neuchâtel n’a pas payé la facture de frais pour mes services de graphic et web design. Mon avocat demande 3’000CHF pour m’aider à récupérer les 5’109€ facturés à ce client.
by Graphic Designer, Berlin
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
8 days to go
Exhibition, Photography, and Performing Arts

Le Monde Analogue

We promote a concept where installations of urban analog photographs are decorated with graffiti art during a public performance. Be a part of our 2020 event!
by Anita Krisko, Göttingen
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
16 days to go
Publishing and Literature

Shylock Holmes & Dr. Wa'tsun

Eine geistreiche und nicht unhumorvolle Geschichte epischen Ausmaßes, welche die Wahrheit über den größten Detektiv aller Zeiten und die Hintergründe der britischen Revolution behandelt.
by Herr von Aster, Leipzig
162% funded
EUR 14’664 pledged
25 days to go
Photography and Publishing


365+ photographs of naked people in the streets and interiors of Brno—Bratislava—Budapest—Vienna. Contemporary, nontraditional, «a guide to life» in the region of the former Austro—Hungarian Empire.
by Martin Gabriel Pavel, Hronov
50% funded
EUR 5’061 pledged
13 days to go

Alabama Rhodes Intérieures

Deux jeunes étasuniens cheminent à travers la Suisse pour dresser un drapeau américain sur la montagne où leurs grands-pères ont été abattus par des milices rebelles cinquante ans auparavant.
by DratepPictures, section Cinéma d'Armes et Déchets., Suisse
56% funded
CHF 1’702 pledged
7 days to go

CD-Produktion Cello & Orgel

Mit einer CD-Produktion beim Label MDG möchten wir die Ersteinspielung des Gesamtwerks für Violoncello und Orgel von Oskar Wermann (1840-1906) realisieren.
by Hannah Vinzens & Gordon Safari, Salzburg and Dresden
92% funded
EUR 3’498 pledged
9 days to go

ANNA COA – will ins Radio!

Wir möchten unsere ersten Singles professionell im Tonstudio aufnehmen, auf CD und vor allem ins Radio bringen. Mit deiner Unterstützung können wir zusätzlich professionelle Musikvideos aufnehmen.
by Anna Coa, Bad Ischl and Saint Wolfgang im Salzkammergut
10% funded
EUR 655 pledged
49 days to go
Fashion, Design, and Art

Pleating craft in Basel

The «Plisseebrennerei», last remaining artisan textile pleating studio in Switzerland needs your support! We have been pleating fabrics for fashion, theatre/opera, folklore dress for near 100 years.
by Plisseebrennerei, Basel
49% funded
CHF 19’356 pledged
18 days to go
Food and Startup

Cool Beans Crowdfunding

Cool Beans, the wood-burning oven bakery at Markthalle Basel, has to add to its infrastructure and, at the same time, wants to become an «experience bakery».
by Cool Beans, Basel
20% funded
CHF 7’041 pledged
22 days to go
Architecture, art, and Environment


Climate and biodiversity catastrophes are the most serious problems of our time. We motivate architects to seek sustainable solutions.
by countdown2030, Basel and Zürich
11% funded
CHF 5’915 pledged
33 days to go

Tour Switzerland BREZZA

We are BREZZA, an instrumental ensemble specializing in 18th century baroque music. We will have our debut tour in Switzerland Oct-Nov 2020, we need your help to realize it!
by Marina Cabello, Pablo Gigosos, and Teun Braken, Basel
5% funded
CHF 160 pledged
12 days to go
Startup, Kids / Youth, and Education

Creative Kids

Creative Kids steht für Design Thinking und Forschendes Lernen für die Macher*innen der Zukunft. Wir gestalten die Zukunft des Lernens mit und leben die Kompetenzen von Morgen.
by Florian, Monika, and Adi, Basel
2% funded
CHF 720 pledged
40 days to go

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