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Community, Environment, and Education


Climate Talks & Permaculture

by Zoe Stadler and Ursula Bründler Stadler

With trainings and engagement weeks in our permaculture garden, we want to strengthen the closeness to nature. With the Ranfter climate talks, we strengthen the discussion and network active people.

77 %
CHF 19’409
12 days to go

Music and Festival


Wir wollen sammeln, damit wir die Mietkosten und den Transport für zukünftige Partys reduzieren können. Denkt an unser family camp, wir könnten dann kurzfristig etwas Organisieren und sind unabhängig.

33 %
CHF 3’700
18 days to go

Music, Performing arts, and Festival

Ruswil and Lucerne


by Verein Based Events

Am 29. Juli 2023 veranstalten wir ein kleines, nicht-profitorientiertes Musik Festival gelegen in schönster Natur in Sigigen, Kanton Luzern. Wir benötigen dringend Deine finanzielle Unterstützung!

26 %
CHF 1’998
17 days to go

Community, Environment, and Education


SunHeart Academy

by Karin Fuchs-Häseli and Yue Yu

We are building an Academy for Business Ethics to teach people how to successfully run an ethical business, regenerate our economy and enable a thriving future for all of us.

15 %
CHF 1’410
15 days to go

Startup and Community


MakeItClean with Ukrainians

by Bohdan Lukianenko

Our family from Ukraine is starting a cleaning and dry cleaning company in Switzerland to be independent and create jobs. We plan to use crowdfunding to obtain the necessary equipment.

17 %
CHF 1’745
9 days to go

Community, Comics, and Literature


Too Big to Fail?!

by Edition Moderne

We are Edition Moderne, the comic publishing house from Zurich. We’re having financial difficulties and need your support to survive. Together we are too big to fail!

104 %
CHF 104’629
22 days to go

Photography, Design, and Art



by Joshua Amissah

The photography book BLACK MASCULINITIES explores the broad spectrum and diversity of Black masculinities through the medium of contemporary photography. Become a part of it!

81 %
CHF 12’251
2 days to go

Music, art, and Literature

Vienna, Zürich, and Berlin

The 6th studio album of The Erlkings, featuring songs by Joseph Haydn. Enjoy stories of love, loss, and the idyllic country life in the completely made-up village of Haydnfeld on the river Sepp.

69 %
EUR 6’945
24 days to go

Publishing, Kids / Youth, and Literature

Chur and Zürich

Hoffnungsgeschichte - D61.3

by Clarissa Brimer

Als vierzehnjähriges, todkrankes Mädchen habe ich eine Menge durchgemacht. Chemo, Haarverlust etc. Um Hoffnung für Familien in schwierigen Situationen zu schaffen, habe ich dieses Buch geschrieben.

95 %
CHF 14’987
22 days to go

Music, Performing arts, and Education

Zürich, Madrid, and Santiago

As a professional musician a good instrument is a need. My lack of having a good instrument is a huge barrier to reach my goals of playing with top orchestras and winning auditions.

100 %
EUR 23’000
2 days to go



Mein Debut-Album steht an! 10-12 Songs in leise, laut, fröhlich, lebensfroh, wild, roh und echt. Und dafür brauche ich eure Unterstützung. Hilfsch mit?

43 %
CHF 10’915
17 days to go

Fashion, Design, and Environment


P|K Collective is a young shoe company 👟born in Switzerland. Our goal is to make sustainable sneakers you’ll want to wear for years.