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Agriculture, Fair Trade, and Tourism

La Potagère – Deuxième vie!

La Potagère, ambassadeur du terroir Valaisan depuis plus de 40 ans mérite une seconde vie. Ensemble ajoutons à l'épicerie un restaurant, un espace culturel et bien plus!
by Médéric Rittmann, Chamoson
36% funded
CHF 36’281 pledged
34 days to go
Kids / Youth, Literature, and Environment


Our books, in french and in english, aim to transmit to the youngest the values that Mother Earth naturaly transmettre to us, but which have been lost over the years in our modern lifes & societies.
by Williams Greg and Pauline, Jaun
15% funded
CHF 3’970 pledged
25 days to go
Community and Kids / Youth

Hilfe zur Jugend-Initiative

In Zusammenarbeit mit Sekundarschulen in der Region «Gruyère» haben wir uns herausgefordert, T-Shirts zugunsten einer humanitären Aktion zu verkaufen, die von «Au Coeur du Niger» in Niger durchgeführt
by RW-Solidarité, Gruyères
11% funded
CHF 900 pledged
17 days to go
Community, Environment, and Education

Center Xung macht Yung

With your help the very first community health center in Thun is going to open its doors on January 17th 2021. Here everything is about growing together, move, nutrition, healing and sustainability.
by Team Xung macht Yung, Thun
24% funded
CHF 4’227 pledged
13 days to go

Kurzfilm «die SchnapsIdee»

Was wäre der Winter ohne Gruselfilme? Langweilig, ja? Deshalb kam pünktlich am 31.10. der Trailer zu «die SchnapsIdee». Hilfst du mir jetzt, den Traum von meinem Herzensprojekt wahr werden zu lassen?
by Evelyne Sorgen, Thun
13% funded
CHF 680 pledged
21 days to go

Mark Kelly-Peaceful Warriors

Mark Kelly and the Peaceful Warriors is a new project created in 2020 they are determined to keep the art of music making alive in these crazy times now more than ever do we need to spread love & joy
by mark kelly, Vevey
11% funded
CHF 3’430 pledged
21 days to go

La Grange d'Ogoz

Un espace convivial de rencontres et de culture, ouvert à tous, est en cours de réalisation : la Grange d'Ogoz! Nous avons besoin de votre aide pour finaliser les travaux !
by Ferme de l'Areyna, Vuisternens-en-Ogoz
47% funded
CHF 23’790 pledged
29 days to go


Obwohl erst diesen Sommer gegründet, hat der Verein Steel Darts Aaretal bereits 21 Mitglieder. Um den Boom aufrecht erhalten zu können brauchen wir ein neues Trainingszentrum.
by Steel Darts Aaretal, Wichtrach
120% funded
CHF 7’072 pledged
25 days to go

Voting Day, a novel

On February 1, 1959, Swiss men voted no to women's suffrage. My novel tells the story of that day from the point of view of four Swiss women - Vreni, Margrit, Esther and Beatrice.
by Clare O'Dea, Fribourg
71% funded
CHF 7’136 pledged
20 days to go
Music and Kids / Youth

Virgil en forêt – Nouveau cd

«Virgil en forêt» est un chanteur pour enfants. Après le succès du premier album sorti en 2013 et à la suite d’une longue tournée de concerts en Suisse romande, le nouvel album est là !
by Virgil Brügger, Fribourg
109% funded
CHF 13’195 pledged
36 hours to go
Science, architecture, and Environment


Construction and experimentation of a pavilion demonstrating natural methods of cooling for an outdoor public space in summer conditions.
by Projet DEMO-MI2, Fribourg
101% funded
CHF 5’095 pledged
18 days to go
Design, Fair Trade, and Environment

ID Genève - Circular Watches

Contribute to the most eco-innovative watch in Switzerland! A new label: Circular Swiss made. Help us influence the industry towards a better sustainability!
by ID Genèves Watches, Geneva, Lausanne, and Zürich
77% funded
CHF 116’425 pledged
44 days to go

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