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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Havana. But this may be of interest to you.
Film, Community, and Performing Arts

Zetribu: a tour in the world

This project combines family, theatre, cinema, documentary, new technology, volunteering and pedagogy and is both a cultural act and a great desire to meet others!
by Ze Tribu - Un Tour Dans le Monde, Moscow, Shanghai, and San Salvador
90% funded
CHF 13’600 pledged
2 days to go
Startup, agriculture, and Fair Trade

Ixpaluca - equitable coffee

Support Ixpaluca, the first ever coffee created under the Equal Profit model, which upholds a new way of merchandising by redistributing profits in an equitable and transparent manner.
by Equal Profit, Geneva, Bern, and Ixpaluca
102% funded
CHF 27’690 pledged
3 days to go

Alternative + medicine songs

Singer-songwriter, I'm looking for support in acquiring recording equipment so that I can produce the many and varied songs I have written over the last 3 years.
by Rebecca Thompson, Lausanne and Tumbaco
10% funded
CHF 858 pledged
39 days to go
Community and Education

Help Gabriela to be a doctor

Gabriela needs another year to finish her medical studies in Brazil. So she can continue on February 3rd, 2020 we must raise EUR 5,000.
by Michael Haenni, Teresópolis
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
15 days to go
Photography, Design, and Art

Berlingot #3

BERLINGOT is an erotic annual artbook (bilingual) exploring gender and sexuality fluidity through a selection of international artists.
by BERLINGOT, Toulouse
11% funded
EUR 930 pledged
32 days to go
Performing arts and Art

Creation of a circus show

We are a new circus company of four swiss artists and we are creating a show to perform on street festivals.
by Calou Rais, Tilburg
163% funded
CHF 7’215 pledged
28 hours to go

Mixtape-Effet Papillon prod

Beatmaker passioné, j’ai réalisé un album hip-hop mélangeant différents styles actuels. l’album étant terminé, il me manque des fonds pour finaliser l'impression de 500 CDs, ta participation compte !
by Effet papillon prod, Suisse
106% funded
CHF 1’060 pledged
36 days to go
Journalism and Community

Studio mobile

Procéder à des podcasts radio de manière nomade et ainsi relayer les initiatives positives de la société civile et les actions de progrès social. Campagne lancée pour renouveler le matériel radio.
by LibrAdio, Geneva
24% funded
CHF 1’747 pledged
22 days to go
Community, Technology, and Environment

Wasser für die NAWA-Frauen

Die Frauen von NAWA sollen die Möglichkeit haben, nicht mehr im Schlamm laufen zu müssen, um Wasser zu bekommen. Wir wollen ein funktionierendes Wasser- und Trinkwassersystem schaffen.
by Water pH everybodyneedswater, Geneva
3% funded
CHF 500 pledged
15 days to go

4 Pas vers le Bonheur

C’est un film qui raconte l’histoire de Giulia qui, depuis Palerme arrive en France, puis à Genève pour le travail. On parle des migrations, de la Loi de l’Attraction et d’une étrange sorte de folie..
by Giusy.Giacona, Palermo and Geneva
1% funded
CHF 405 pledged
9 days to go
Film and Community

The Star of Peace

From Marseille to Sulaymaniyah, the story of Saber, journalist, Kurdish refugee who arrived in France with his family after persecution in Iran where he worked.
by Centre Culturel de la Rose Blanche, Geneva
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
21 days to go
Kids / Youth, Sport, and Education

World BRICPOL Sport Academy

Construction d'un centre de formation dédié aux Arts Martiaux au Sénégal pour former aux métiers de la sécurité et participer durablement au développement économique et social de la jeunesse africaine
by Marco Garcia Gonneau, Mbour and Geneva
0% funded
CHF 140 pledged
25 days to go