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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Lomé. But this may be of interest to you.
Publishing, architecture, and Literature

Architecture-Guide Marseille

The aim is to create a portrait of Marseille in an architectural guide that discusses and explains urban development, architecture and the complexity of the city of Marseilles in around 200 pages.
by Carina Kurta CaP.CULT, Marseille
77% funded
EUR 5’445 pledged
2 days to go
Architecture and Tourism

Péniche Chopine

Transformation d’une péniche commerciale en bateau logement incluant une chambre d’hôtes
by Dominique Roussy, Beaucaire
53% funded
CHF 2’140 pledged
22 days to go

Medizinische Hilfe für Samos

In der von Med'equali geführten provisorischen Klinik auf Samos wird medizinische Grundversorgung für bis zu 4000 Geflüchtete angeboten. Hilf auch du mit medizinische Hilfe weiterhin zu garantieren.
by Everyday, Just A Smile, Samos
112% funded
CHF 9’012 pledged
47 hours to go
Kids / Youth and Sport

Equiper pour progresser

50 entraîneurs avec de new équipements: Training-K-way-Veste d’hiver-Polo-T-shirt-Short. Ceux-ci donnent leur temps sans compter pour faire progresser plus de 500 jeunes, c’est une façon de dire MERCI
by CS Chênois, Chêne-Bourg, Chêne-Bougeries, and Thônex
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
23 days to go
Community, Sport, and Environment

UTMB for Liziba

I started this project to support my participation in Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc 2021, the legendary elite trail running race, to raise funds for Liziba in order to provide clean water in the DRC
by Daniel M, Geneva
2% funded
EUR 50 pledged
21 days to go

Ukiyo needs you!

Support us in exchange of an honorary title that will be awarded to you! It will give you the right to certain privileges!
by Restaurants Ukiyo, Geneva
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
40 days to go

1° ALBUM! MariaDelaPaz+Roger

Sortie du premier album du duo Maria de la Paz (chant) + Roger Helou (piano) Site de soutien et pré-vente ! Notre ALBUM a été enregistré a Lausanne en Novembre 2020. On se réjouit!
by DUOheloudelapaz, Lausanne, Geneva, and Nyon
190% funded
CHF 2’480 pledged
36 days to go
Startup, Community, and Technology

Jogoto: Explore & Live local

Jogoto is THE Swiss platform with the largest number of events and activities! It tells you everything that is happening around you, for you, your friends or your family! It's simple, free & ad-free!
by Jogoto, Leysin
22% funded
CHF 2’245 pledged
8 days to go
Food and Fair Trade

A workshop for Citrolle

Help us to establish our artisanal production workshop for seasonal liqueurs, syrups, jams and conserves, in Mont-sur-Rolle (VD)
by Citrolle, Mont-sur-Rolle
95% funded
CHF 4’750 pledged
33 days to go

Maryss, un talent, une voix

Chanteuse, auteure-compositrice, touchée par cette période de trouble, Maryss souhaite lui apporter un souffle nouveau. Son projet : l’enregistrement d’un EP (album de 4-10 titres) au studio Alzac ».
by Maryss, Montreux
82% funded
CHF 1’650 pledged
10 days to go
Agriculture and Environment

La ferme d'un are

Un modèle agricole à échelle humaine qui agrade la terre et produit abondamment, ça existe ? Oui ! Développons ensemble une micro-ferme maraîchère sur les principes bio-inspirés de la permaculture !
by la ferme d'un are, Montreux
17% funded
CHF 5’650 pledged
4 days to go
Film and Environment

The Last Survivor

The delicate cohabitation between man and wildlife; from the forests of Europe to the Ethiopian highlands, our film takes you to meet a species that has divided people since the ages: the wolf!
by Wildlifephotography, Vevey and Dinsho
118% funded
CHF 13’010 pledged
22 days to go

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