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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Torricella-Taverne. But this may be of interest to you.
Agriculture, Community, and Kids / Youth

Projekt Zukunft

Ein Klassenzimmer im Grünen. Eine Jurte, in welcher wir auf innovative Art und Weise unsere Beziehung zu Mutter Erde und uns selbst in den Fokus setzen. Ein Ort, wo der Wandel gelebt wird.
by Projekt Zukunft, Stans
24% funded
CHF 7’935 pledged
25 days to go
Startup and Environment

Kiyo - CH Toothpaste Tabs

The only refillable toothpaste in Switzerland: 100% natural, biodegradable and completely plastic-free. So you can shine every day. With your support we are going into production!
by Kiyo, Lucerne
49% funded
CHF 12’376 pledged
31 days to go
Kids / Youth and Education

Empower children in Nepal

Support 200 students by providing them with access to children-library, solar panels and laptops to promote quality education in a school located in Dolpa district in Nepal.
29% funded
CHF 7’325 pledged
17 days to go
Community and Kids / Youth

Hilfe bei drei Kinder

Ein junges Paar aus Busko-Zdrój(Polen), Agnieszka und Mateusz Woźniak, hat drei Kinder. Ihre Söhne sind schwer krank und behindert. Jeder Tag ist ein Kampf und sie haben enorme Kosten für Medikamente.
by ROS, Lucerne
2% funded
CHF 210 pledged
13 days to go
Community, Environment, and Education

Center Xung macht Yung

With your help the very first community health center in Thun is going to open its doors on January 17th 2021. Here everything is about growing together, move, nutrition, healing and sustainability.
by Team Xung macht Yung, Thun
20% funded
CHF 3’512 pledged
15 days to go

Kurzfilm «die SchnapsIdee»

Was wäre der Winter ohne Gruselfilme? Langweilig, ja? Deshalb kam pünktlich am 31.10. der Trailer zu «die SchnapsIdee». Hilfst du mir jetzt, den Traum von meinem Herzensprojekt wahr werden zu lassen?
by Evelyne Sorgen, Thun
11% funded
CHF 580 pledged
23 days to go
Kids / Youth, Sport, and Tourism

Rettet Huskystuff's Hunde

Huskystuff bietet seit 2009 erfolgreich und professionell Erlebnisse mit Schlittenhunden an. Durch die Corona-Krise droht Huskystuff das AUS und 37 Huskys müssen platziert oder eingeschläfert werden!
by, Alt Saint Johann
20% funded
CHF 5’210 pledged
23 days to go
Agriculture, Fair Trade, and Tourism

La Potagère – Deuxième vie!

La Potagère, ambassadeur du terroir Valaisan depuis plus de 40 ans mérite une seconde vie. Ensemble ajoutant à l'épicerie un restaurant, un espace culturel et bien plus!
by Médéric Rittmann, Chamoson
34% funded
CHF 34’931 pledged
36 days to go


Obwohl erst diesen Sommer gegründet, hat der Verein Steel Darts Aaretal bereits 21 Mitglieder. Um den Boom aufrecht erhalten zu können brauchen wir ein neues Trainingszentrum.
by Steel Darts Aaretal, Wichtrach
116% funded
CHF 6’852 pledged
27 days to go
Kids / Youth, Literature, and Environment


Our books, in french and in english, aim to transmit to the youngest the values that Mother Earth naturaly transmettre to us, but which have been lost over the years in our modern lifes & societies.
by Williams Greg and Pauline, Jaun
7% funded
CHF 1’970 pledged
27 days to go
Startup, Technology, and Environment

neon green

Your account with simple CO2 compensation. Thanks to your green neon Mastercard. With this account, you're planting trees on the go. Be part of the pilot project for digital, green banking!
by neon, Zürich
161% funded
CHF 161’465 pledged
14 hours to go
Startup, Community, and Education

Aid Refugee & Migrant Talent

COVID-19 has made the tough life of refugees and migrants tougher. At Capacity Zurich, we help to build their companies & identities in Switzerland! Help us to support their entrepreneurial education!
by Capacity, Zürich
61% funded
CHF 30’903 pledged
12 days to go

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