Pop-up Art Academy @ the WORK/SHOP

From April 23th to July 23th 2018, I will be offering drawing and painting courses in an open studio concept at the WORK/SHOP. Students will learn the A-Z of fine art production; from stretching canvases to life drawing, portrait painting and exhibiting original works of art in the WORK/SHOP showroom.

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ZAP: Community Cultural Center

The ZAP WORK/SHOP is a collaborative art project between Nicole Biermaier, Julia Sheppard and the families of the Friesenberg Familien Genossenschaft. A mini-cultural center for learning, exchange and support for local family run business.

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Art Materials

The ZAP cooperative has generously subsidized the rent for the pop-up shop but I still need your help to purchase the necessary art materials. My goal is to offer the highest possible quality of professional art training at a minimum cost to the participants.

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