What is the Come & Ride Tour?

The «Come & Ride Tour» is a circuit of Wakeboard / Wakeskate / Wakesurf competitions, which stretches all over the summer season in the West and German-speaking Switzerland and aims to promote youth and water sports Has.

These events enable the amateurs to get in touch with professionals such as Matthias Koban, Julien Gafner, Martin Véluzat and others.

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What is different from the others

The tour is also a springboard in the direction of participation in national and international competitions.

The Come & Ride Tour also allows a larger audience to get to know these sports.

The tour, organized in 2 stages in Western Switzerland and 1 in German-speaking Switzerland, is geared towards having an optimal orientation to the whole of Switzerland. Thus the audience and participant numbers can be maximized and it is thus a whole Swiss event.

The collaboration with the Swiss Water Ski and Wakeboard Association allows the homologation of all categories of wakeboard discipline. Founded in 2009, the Come & Ride Tour last year saw a significant success with more than 250 participants and thousands of spectators. The Come & Ride Tour is not just a sporting event. It is also an event to bring together people of all ages and horizons and offer them memorable days, sport, friendship and atmosphere.

The tour is one of the most memorable events of this summer.

Why do we need your help

Just a few weeks before the first leg of the Come & Ride Tour 2017, we have to note that some of our main partners will not be able to renew their contracts this year, nor can they be replaced by new sponsors. The minimum budget for ensuring the tour is far from it in order to perform it under good conditions. We collected the collected money to cover our costs. These are, for example, transport costs, prices, infrastructure, advertising material, boat rental, etc.

That is why we count on you and your contacts, who support our project and so we can carry out this year’s tour under the best conditions.