A documentary about 7 men from Switzerland who open up about their very personal life issues. A touching, extraordinary and new perspective on what it means to be a man in our society.

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Coming Home - Awakening to life as a man

Barbara Elisa Brantschen launched the project «Blickwechsel» in January 2020, giving men the space in systemic constellations and conversations to show themselves in their vulnerability and to deal with their own and their ancestors’ stories.

While driving to men’s constellation weekends together, Barbara Elisa and Anna-Katharina repeatedly found joy in the idea of making a documentary about the touching emotional movements of men. Now the time has come! With Stefan Christoph on the team and seven men from the weekends on board to have their portraits taken, we are ready to put our concept into practice. For this, we need your help.

A new perspective on being a man

Again and again, we’re concerned about the suffering of men. The tears of men have dried up over many generations. Many men have fallen silent and stayed silent, or otherwise have committed incomprehensible acts of violence. Times have changed, but these echoes live on. By no means do women carry less painful things. But the fates of men and women have always been interwoven, intertwined.

It is time to give space and language to the pain of men that has been unheard of for generations.

It is time for a reconnection to the original sacredness of life.

This doesn’t happen by pushing in a particular direction. The path to recognition reveals itself when we listen curiously, courageously, and without judgment. The path goes into the depths, where something wants to shine. In this film, we accompany seven men on their journey through life. We follow their urge for answers and knowledge, and we follow their courageous path in search of their place in the world - a place full of beauty that does not shimmer on the surface, but shines from the depths. It is a place full of strength, which does not want to assert itself, but trustingly allows an honest subtlety. It is a place full of courage and readiness, which does not want to take anything and does not have to defend anything, but can let it happen.

Let us listen together, follow the trail, gently, into a transformation that touches and inspires - one that is completely different from what we thought.

What we finance with the money

We want to produce our film on a professional level. Stefan Christoph is already a wonderful cameraman and editor, but he still lacks the necessary material. The film music should be composed, as far as possible, by men especially for the film. Over the summer, we will go out for material again and again, as a whole team. The post-production for cutting, coloring, sound, subtitles (german and english) etc which of course will take many many hours of work. Everyone involved is highly motivated to make it possible to share this perspective with the world. In order not to overburden their commitment, we would like to offer at least a small compensation for their effort.

We have already requested CHF 22,000 from foundations. In this crowdfunding we want to collect CHF 25,000 more to implement our project.

Thank you for your support!