Awnser to Ripple RecordsBy pens99, on 26/6/2019 10:39

Your question was: «What is my Motivation?» Many people have problems with computers, laptops and programs. This can lead to difficulties, especially in the professional world. I would like to help people who have these problems to optimise their working methods and perhaps also to secure their professional future.

Preisliste für Kurse nach Vorbereitung:By pens99, on 24/6/2019 10:57

Preise pro Lektion Einzelunterricht:

1 Lektion: 50CHF 2 Lektionen: 45CHF 4 Lektionen: 40CHF 8 Lektionen: 35CHF

Preise pro Lektion Gruppenunterricht (bis 4 Personen, Preis pro Person):

1 Lektion: 40CHF 2 Lektionen: 35CHF 4 Lektionen: 30CHF 8 Lektionen: 25CHF