The dance solo is a tribute to the femininity in everything and Mother Earth. It grows out of the origin of yoga and dance of slowness. Thanks to your support, you are helping to realise this project.

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Cosmic Mother is a danced prayer for the earth. With the power of transformation, it serves as inspiration for the formless dance.

As a daughter of this earth, I would like to thank the beauty of the earth with a danced body prayer - in a spiritual way - and surrender to the invisible, cosmic mother. Emptiness is the mother of the universe. She seems to be the primal womb of everything. The Dakini, the sky dancer - as she is called in Buddhism - feels at home here in the vast space. She dances her dance in an eternal rhythm that pervades the room. My medium is dance and I would like to use it to promote the blossoming of feminine power.

In Iceland, I regularly immerse myself in the elemental force of the cosmic mother and find my inspiration.

Through the gift of dance, I surrender to the unmanifest so that I can listen in silence to the meaning of the creation that wants to reveal itself through my dance. With the medium of photography, snapshots of my dance are possible. In my second home - in the overwhelming nature of Iceland - the elemental force of the cosmic mother is particularly tangible for me. I regularly travel there with my partner Christoph Lauener. I owe most of the wonderful photographs to him.

The dance solo began with the research in Iceland. It grew through the process of creating the book and matured through continuous rehearsals in the Swiss landscape and in the studio. A lot of creative work goes into co-creation with other participants: the costume design by Rachel Ghazarian, the scenography by Stefanie Koscevic, the construction of stage elements by Manuel Burgener, the lighting and stage design by Marc Calame, the artistic consulting by Christoph Lauener and the project consulting by Juliane Seifert. The dance solo will be presented on stage in November 2024.

The essence of femininity, as I have experienced it in my life, flows together in this dance.

«Can I even become a dancer again in this life?» That was what I asked myself. Yes, she can!

She has been was awakened once again. Inwardly she is already moved, she will reveal herself outwardly. The woman dares to experience all aspects of herself and to fully enjoy them.

«When dance becomes meditation, it can blossom into love.» Hiah Park