This documentary will show - through Nicolas’ eyes - his sister Ariane’s adventure at the Bali Hope Ultra Marathon, an 84 km race crossing the island of Bali from north to south in a single night.

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This Spring, Ariane will cross the island of Bali from north to south in a single night, covering a distance of 84 kilometers. For the past few years, she has been passionate about running, sometimes at the cost of heavy sacrifices. Intrigued, her brother Nicolas started following her to competitions, before deciding to accompany her throughout her training as well as to Bali. This prolonged contact made Nicolas question his relationship with his family and in particular with his little sister, Ariane. He discovered new things, new facets of her personality. unknown to him until then. He soon made the decision to film the experience. This documentary shows their relationship during this period, their «second» meeting.

The film makes use of a double temporality linking Ariane’s adventure to the more intimate relationship she has with Nicolas. On the one hand, dynamic images of Ariane, from her training up until the race; on the other, a conversation in voice-over between a big brother and his little sister. This narrative device will link the sporting challenge of the present with themes related to family, the past and the context in which Ariane and Nicolas grew up.


A mere two years after running her first trails, Ariane has embarked on a crazy adventure, an extraordinary race that will force her to push her limits farther than ever before.

She is one of 25 athletes who will be on the starting line to raise funds in order to support the schooling of disadvantaged children on the island. The charity aspect is run by the «Bali Children Foundation» ( ).

She has never run such a distance, let alone on a road and in weather conditions that will certainly take her out of her comfort zone. But, despite all the barriers that seem to stand in her way, she’s not afraid: «Even if it’s on my hands and knees, I’ll make it to the end!»


You can’t make a film of this kind alone. In order to stay close to the family-driven spirit surrounding the project, Nicolas decided to work with a small team of close friends.


Walking encyclopedia of film and curious about everything, Laurent has been working on film sets in Belgium since he moved there a few years ago. Punctual, sensitive and always searching for perfection, he will be behind the camera in order to show this beautiful adventure on the screen. He is also the co-director and co-writer on the project. His energy will take the film ever further.


Wanna talk about recording sound? This is the guy you need. Super savvy technically, he’s also very sensitive to atmosphere in order to allow images to fully exist. He’s been getting a workout before the trip to Bali, since he’s been riding the electric bike that allows us to follow Ariane on the roads of Switzerland. Sound engineer for the project, his enormous experience benefits us all.


Jack of all trades, Cécile’s professional experience is diverse and varied. Occupational therapist, make-up artist and a marketing graduate, she always follows her instinct and desires, armed with her joie de vivre and infectious enthusiasm. She is in charge of partnerships as well as logistics in Bali. Her spark of madness brings with it a lot of wonderful surprises.


As a huge film enthusiast, Joey watches every movie that comes his way. His passion for storytelling is also a big part of his personal projects and jobs. He has directed several short films, works as a radio host and records voice-over as a side-gig. He’s the assistant director and also takes care of our communication. Thanks to him, you can follow the evolution of the project on our blog.

FUNDING (inevitably...)

All 5 members of the crew have agreed to work without knowing if the final budget will allow us to be paid. We’re all driven by the desire to see this film made. However, making a documentary on the other side of the world has certain inevitable costs, well before any profits might be seen, and that’s why we need you!

Thanks to the donations collected so far, we can cover the costs of filming Ariane’s training in Switzerland, but we still need your help for the Balinese part of the shoot.

With your support, we’ll be able to cover many of our expenses, most notably, the money will:

  • Allow the team to fly to Bali (and come back)
  • Ensure we don’t have to sleep on the beach (even if they are beautiful)
  • Allow us to follow Ariane during the race without having to run (she’s too fast)
  • Allow us to have all the equipment needed to capture everything (and make a great film)

And what if we go over our goal?

Post-production, ie editing, music, sound and many other technical aspects, is also quite expensive. If we exceed our goal thanks to you, it will be a great help to finish the film.