Thats why

My charming B&B has been closed for over 3 months. My small team of eight employees does not receive any financial support during this time. The aid promised by the government unfortunately only came in the first month and not even as promised. My employees maintain their entire family with their wages. Having no income is often associated with suffering here because there are no government institutions that support the unemployed. No work no money. Therefore I ask you for support.

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What is special about Casa Strela and this project?

Guests feel at home at Casa Strela. With a lot of heart and attention to details, we try to make our guests’ stay as special as possible. The project aims to ensure that my eight employees and their families survive the difficult Corona period and that Casa Strela can survive financially.


This is what we need help for.

  • Secure salaries for our 8 staff members and their families
  • Secure payment of helat insurance and retirement arrangement
  • Secure payments of electricity and water
  • Secure payments of rent (happily reduced costs)
  • Help Casa Strela to survive the Corona crise