The experience

Experience the cutting-edge physical dance scene from any place in the World. You will have a chance to watch evening-long programs of short performances followed by a real-time talks and discussions with the artists involved.

This initial stage of the project involves 3 live performance dates: 28.6, 26.7 and 23.8.

On those dates, you will see a program of 4 pieces with live introduction in an attractive visual format. Then, you will join for an engaging live conference with the artists involved.

All will be done with the regard of «state of the art» streaming technology.

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The mission

Craft Choreography Online is a virtual expansion of our vibrant Vienna-based platform. We continue with the mission of showcasing the craftsmanship in the field of contemporary dance. With the 6 past editions and the continuously growing audience base, we learned that there is a huge need and appreciation for this beautiful art form.

The artists involved will be chosen from a public open call. The selection criteria involves:

  • the dance and performance technique,
  • substantial choreographic content
  • and, in this case, a quality of the video recording. The priority is given to the most immersive stage works.

The full list of participants will be published here on the 14.6.

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The funding

In the time of Covid lockdown it is important to shine a light on the life of many stranded artists. I want 90% of the funding to go directly to the artists presenting. The 10% will cover the streaming services fees and this campaign costs.

I am launching this campaign because I believe arts and culture is a big part of what makes us humans…