Becoming a Kids-Song-Writer besides work and family – turns out tough

I’d love your support, for resources to be enough.

Authenticity; close to everyday life; peppered with humor, that is my drive.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 17/6/2024

This is what it's all about.

8 years ago I started composing songs for children.

For work (kindergarden) and my own kids this seemed to be a good idea ;)

I really like to be in dialogue with my audience, so my songs get/bring the little extra.

Most enjoyable are those moments, when kids sing the song on their own or participate in my show.

CraMuKi = Crazy Music 4 Kids, I love humorous songs.

Time and money are in short supply, so this project could help out to make it worth it.

Help me out if you like my sound :)

Support would be great because...

Self employed - that’s what I never wanted!

Complicated, painful, I wouldn’t make it.

Now I’ve even got kids, that would just be silly, there’s no time for that.

2023 though, I couldn’t resist anymore, so many songs in production line - this should be bigger than those only being played in kindergarden & at home by me.

I started to build a tinily home studio in my computer-corner, assembled equipment for gigs and tried to educate myself in mixing and mastering songs.

All additional work, bureaucracy, suffering and financial effort. Sometimes it almost drives me crazy!

But then there’s hope and joy, help me let those grow! The benefit would be albums+CDs, merchandise and music show(s)!

  • Dance like Robots!
    Dance like Robots!
  • When going to Kindergarden...
    When going to Kindergarden...
  • Who's hopping?
    Who's hopping?
  • The Clown pees into the sea
    The Clown pees into the sea
  • Claves-Song
  • Nikolaus
  • You've got an Earworm (catchy tune)
    You've got an Earworm (catchy tune)
  • First Gig at Ohana Kindercafé Ternitz
    First Gig at Ohana Kindercafé Ternitz


Are you interested in a song for your company; children’s book or game? Get in touch!

If you want a taste, my «Dattelbaer»-song for instance was a pleasure to create!

If you wanna taste real dates though, you can directly order via my link on the video ;)