Creation of a circus show

Cie Sambura

We are four circus artists who are coming from different parts of Switzerland and are studying at the Academy for Circus and Performance Art (ACaPA) in Tilburg, NL. We know each other since a few years and decided in 2019 to create the company «Cie Sambura». We are researching on how to combine group- and aerial acrobatics, using our knowledge of physical theatre, clown, performance and music in order to create street performances to bring contemporary circus to a broad audience.

« Intersection »

Our project is to create a show to perform at street festivals in 2020. The title of our performance is « Intersection ». The street is a place where we meet hundreds of people without knowing anything about them and yet, if we open our eyes and start to look at who we cross, we can get overwhelmed by information. Our brain is sorting all these inputs and we try to put all the leftover pieces which get through to our consciousness in any category of what we have already known. By performing on the street we want to create a meeting place where various people can get together. We are researching the process of meeting in a physical way by figuring out how our bodies can get in touch in order to be able to move in balance with each other. We question our regular way of getting to know and categorizing strangers. Why do we ask as a first question «what’s your name?» or «how old are you?» instead of «what do you fear?» or «why are you wearing blue socks today?». How do we react to people which may not answer what we have expected them to? How can we identify ourselves and others when we break out of our own categorizations?

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First step in the work field.

We are four emerging circus artists from Switzerland who are willing to create a show in order to perform on the street festivals in summer 2020. This first experience into the working field will be a good opportunity for us to create the base for our future continuous work as a circus company.

As a new company we need support to start our creation project.

To realise this project, we will need your financial support. We need help to finance:

  • The professional team that will help us to create our show: Sergi Parés («un loup pour l’homme») Tarek Rammo («Panama Pictures») Ganna Poppea Veenhuyzen
  • Travel and transportation costs
  • The construction of our aerial structure (for aerial hoop, straps)
  • The sound system
  • The rigging equipment for the aerials (carabiners etc.)
  • To create our own costumes All the income of this crowdfunding campaign will be used for this project of the Cie Sambura.
    We are thankful for any financial support!