What it is

I am Ismael Lorenzo and I am very excited to welcome you to my new book «Ballett Basel 10 Years Photography by Ismael Lorenzo»

A photo-book with 161 images full of colours and poetry on 224 pages, hardcover canvas binding 25cm x 30cm: «My photography is about ephemeral, missed or imperceptible moments. It is about motion, it is about dance!»

The artistic dialogue of a decade between choreographer, dancers and photographer is an exciting journey full of magical moments and is presented to you in this photographic retrospective of 161 images; seen through Ismael Lorenzo’s experienced eye as an artist, photo-grapher and professional dancer himself, with his unique ability of interpreting dance.

Since 2005 Ismael Lorenzo has been working closely with choreographer Richard Wherlock, director of the Ballett Basel, whose contemporary choreographic language is realised perfectly by the extraordinary dancers of the Ballett Basel.

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What we need

This project comprises, from idea to realisation, a great amount of work and financing requirements. To accomplish it, we need financial support and for that we come to you. With a contribution by everyone, we can make this dream come true.

I thank each of you for your invaluable support and wish that we may get to meet you soon personally.


Who is Ismael Lorenzo

Ismael Lorenzo is a freelance photographer, specialising in performing arts photography. His work is exhibited in art galleries throughout Europe. He was studying visual arts at the National School of Arts in Havana, Cuba, when he discovered his passion for photography and dance. After intensive studies of classical ballet, Ismael developed a successful career as a professional dancer. In 2002, at the end of his career as a performer, he opened his own photo studio in Basel, Switzerland, his focus still clearly on the familiar world of dance.


What’s special about this photobook

Due to its cross-media character, this book will take you even further into the world of dance; accompany the photographer behind the scenes where you will find making-of and the history of a photograph by the simple use of QR-codes, weblinks and the screen of your personal device.