What it's all about

The cryo-sauna is an open chamber, which is entered alone and in which one is treated in a standing position. In our cryo-sauna a dry cold of up to -196°C for max. 3 minutes is produced with evaporating nitrogen - a natural, harmless resource, 78% of which is contained in our breathing air.

As only supplier in Switzerland, we rely on the ultra-modern Cryosense XL cryo-sauna with its unique thermo-contrast programme. The extremely cold therapy has been researched since the 1980s and represents a very safe and pleasant form of therapy.

The whole-body extreme cold therapy is currently booming in the US, UK, Germany and other countries and has become an integral part of professional sports (NBA, NHL, football, boxing, etc.).


Activation of self-healing processes

The whole-body extreme cold therapy can bring relief to many people with different goals or health problems. The following positive effects were observed:

Sports: ✓ cold doping by oxygen saturation of the muscles ✓ increase in performance similar to altitude training ✓ increase of training intensity ✓ optimization and adaptation of the training plan ✓ faster regeneration of tissues such as muscles and callus ✓ accelerated wound healing in case of bruises ✓ faster removal of lactate and other waste products

Health: ✓ rheumatoid diseases ✓ degenerative diseases, arthrosis ✓ stress and burnout, migraine ✓ depressions ✓ alleviation of menopause symptoms ✓ allergy relief ✓ improvement in sleep disorders ✓ help with tinnitus ✓ increase of potency and libido ✓ strengthening of the immune system ✓ skin diseases such as psoriasis and neurodermatitis ✓ multiple sclerosis ✓ fibromyalgia syndrome

Beauty: ✓ dietary support ✓ weight loss ✓ burn up to approx. 700 kcal in 3 min. ✓ recharge your vital energy ✓ enhancemnt of mood ✓ stress & jet lag reduction ✓ body shaping ✓ anti-aging ✓ cellulite reduction

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Cryo-sauna for everybody

We are utterly convinced of the fantastic possibilities of the whole body extreme cold therapy. With the most modern and safest ice sauna in the world, we would like to give numerous people this unique health kick and increase the level of awareness of this still relatively unknown form of therapy.