One of the first centralization news in 85 of the best sources in the financial world

With more than 49 million investors in the cryptocurrency market in 2018, this new public has a very specific demand. Knowing in detail which currencies will develop more rapidly or which currency will soon acquire a major update of its technology is essential to predict the increase in their value. Available in 6 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. The objective is to make a 100% Windpower application accessible in languages where developing countries would have difficulty integrating into this new virtual currency market. Because it is these same countries that will soon benefit the most to increase their economy and prosperity. The peoples of Venezuela and Zimbabwe have already turned to Bitcoin in 2016 due to hyperinflation in their economies. This new market is constantly growing and strangely seems to follow the same trends as Google in its early days. So? Ready to join the movement?

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First centralisation news in French

First Centralization of news application on a total of more than 85 different sources previously selected that will be available in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese & Italian on App store and Android. Its design has already begun.

Budgetary Distribution

30% of the amount will be used to promote the application on Youtube and google ads.

70% of the amount will be used to create the application itself.

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