Dance Fuzion Zürich has been offering dance classes all over Kanton Zürich since 2012. Now it's time to set up our very first dance home in Horgen. We have the location, we miss the equipment.

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Concluded on 12/7/2019

Our dance home!

This project is about setting up the dance school. The main art forms that will be practiced is Classical ballet and Modern dance. Apart from dance, the school will be a center to welcome any activities that nourish the physical and mental health, like yoga, pilates, meditation etc.

Setting up the dance school is important because ...

…it will welcome kids and adults from different ages and backgrounds.. The school will be the location where through art it will connect the members of the community. The little dancers will have their dance home to develop their ideas and prepare their dance projects, whereas the adults can use the space in the evening to take care of their well-being and socialize.

In order to set up the dance school,

we will need technical equipment like a sprung floor, so that ballet dancers protect their joints while dancing. Mirrors, mats and barres are also necessary. Lastly, the wardrobe is a necessity so that the dancers can get prepared physically and mentally for the class that is about to follow.