This is what it's all about.

A year ago, I published for the first time a composition that is clearly connected to a social cause: a piece entitled Moria (op.102), which refers to the situation of the refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos. The feedback to the piece of music (and the short film about it) was absolutely overwhelming! I have received thank-you letters from all over the world from people who felt specifically addressed by this composition.

That is why I would like to continue on this path and record more pieces. Again with references to various political topics that burn under the skin of all of us - or should do so.

To achieve something like this with instrumental music, you need good ideas, suitable musicians, a good concept and enough time to let the music mature. The good news is that all this is available!

I have written a lot of new music, founded two really exciting and exceptionally well-composed ensembles (both here in Vienna) and now a double album DANCE WITH THE GHOSTS is to be produced with these two bands and other guest musicians.


First: Since making music is often a very spiritual affair and playing often feels like being whirled around by something greater, the project is called DANCE WITH THE GHOSTS.

Secondly, because certain political issues, of which we are all aware but which we nevertheless continuously ignore, can be called the «ghosts of our times»: We know of their existence, but are often far too afraid to confront their own kind, as they threaten to overwhelm us in their demanding fullness. The project DANCE WITH THE GHOSTS, however, is meant to start exactly here. And this with the means of music.


Since the pieces already composed are sometimes stylistically very different, it is necessary to work with two different sound bodies for the recording.

I understand Ensemble I as a chamber music ensemble, with violin, violoncello, clarinet, trumpet, percussion and piano. Ensemble II is to be understood as a band with a jazz background, trumpet, double bass, percussion and piano. These two new ensembles/bands consist of absolutely outstanding (!) musicians from different scenes (impro / jazz / classical / folk) here in Vienna. And I am really very grateful for their great commitment!

In addition, works for soloists will be recorded. The final format of a double album (digital, on CD and 180g vinyl) with two contrasting halves lends itself to this.

WORKING METHOD IN THE ENSEMBLES: It is particularly important to me that there is always enough time in the rehearsals with the ensembles to be able to discuss extra-musical topics. There must also be enough space for improvisation and opportunities for each musician to bring him/herself into the development process. Often the best ideas come from improvised playing. An intensive and «holistic» engagement with the meaningfulness of our work as part of our working culture.

ADDED VALUE: Through successful crowdfunding it will be possible that after the production is finished (and after the albums and rewards purchased here have found their way to you) at least one third of the sales proceeds will go to a good cause. I am thinking especially of refugee aid.

You can read the complete artist statement about the project here:

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I really want to realise this project, because

  • I believe that this project adds a certain value to my work as a musician that my work did not have before.
  • The musical examination of political issues can contribute to giving them back their emotional depth and human scope in our perception.
  • I have already created such exciting new music and now it «only» needs to be rehearsed and recorded.
  • I am having an incredible amount of fun working on this project and it is obvious that my colleagues also enjoy working on the music.
  • I am convinced that dealing with the project is fundamentally and immediately sensible and simply has to be done.
  • If the crowdfunding is successful, we can donate at least 30 percent of the proceeds from the sale of the finished album to a charitable cause.
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This is what I need backing for.

Firstly, I need your support to be able to pay my twelve fellow musicians fairly. Then there are the costs for the recording studio, the sound engineers, video artists, graphics and photos. The pressing of the double album on 180g vinyl is another financial challenge that I hope to take on with your help.

Without your support we cannot make the album a reality. The Dance with the Ghosts project really needs you.

General Info: All albums ordered here will be delivered by mail already 1 week before the official release date. The recording period is January 2022. Current tour dates and further information can be found at:

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