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Right Beside Me – The officiall «Dancer Against Cancer»-Song 2017

The Project

Our first musical collaboration, the «Song Right Beside Me», will be the official «Dancer against Cancer» song in 2017. We are very pleased with this honor and immediately agreed to give the income from the song to 100% to the cancer aid.

«Right Beside Me» was written by me, Nico. The song emerged at a time when I had to experience the illness-related path of suffering of a friend and I realized how important it is to have someone by his side.

The song ’s statement fits into my, Lauras, activity as an ambassador for the Gold Ribbon campaign. So things got together and our project was born.

Listen to music and do something good!

We hope with this song we can contribute as much as possible to cancer aid. Every purchase of the song, every click, every view, every streaming, … helps cancer aid! Everybody can help!

With the revenues we support: Dancer Against Cancer and the International Children’s Cancer Aid!

For a big promotion and the shoot of the music video, we need your support here! We only want to cover the costs of the project which we can not afford by ourselves. All additional income from the crowdfunding also goes to the cancer aid!


The premiere of the song

On March 25th, 2017, we will officially present the song at the Dancer Against Cancer Ball in Vienna.

Who we are

We are the singer Laura Kamhuber and the popmusic duo Brofaction from Austria. For the song «Right Beside Me», we started a collaboration.
We’ve known each other since 2010, because Laura and Laurin were both part of the Austrian casting show «Kiddy Contest» in 2010 and part of The Voice Kids Germany in 2013. The video of Laura’s performance of the song «I will always love you» (Whitney Houston) is the most seen YouTube video of an Austrian artist with over 120 million views. Laurin reached the to penultimate round of The Voice Kids Germany.

Laura Kamhuber

I come from the beautiful Waldviertel in Lower Austria, from Amaliendorf. I’ve been singing since 2010. My biggest successes are the participation at the «Kiddy Contest 2010», «Die große Chance 2012», The Voice Kids Germany 2013 – with the world’s most seen The Voice Kids video with over 120 million views – and a performance at the Austrian TV-show «Musikantenstadl». On 3 February 2017, the World Cancer Day, I was appointed an international youth ambassador for the Gold Ribbon campaign at the Vienna International Center. I am also one of the singers of the international song «We Are One», a campaign by Childhood Cancer International. Musically, I’m working on my 3rd album.


We, Brofaction, are Laurin and Nico Greiter, a popmusic and songwriter duo from Styria (Austria) and have been making music since our early childhood. Our biggest success so far was the entry into the Austrian radio charts with our single «One Day Left». In 2014, we represented Austria at «Global Rockstar», the world’s largest online band contest. There we took third place in the world-wide final. Our song «There She Goes» is the official Miss Austria song 2016. Currently we are working on our first album.

Brofaction & Valoriz – There she goes ( Official Miss Austria Song)


and much more….

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