What is DAY & TAXI?

For nearly 25 years Swiss saxophone player Christoph Gallio has been the driving force behind the trio DAY & TAXI. His compositions delicately oscilllate between «new music» and «avant jazz» and are concisely focused and structured in his personal, unique way.

Unaffected by musical trends DAY & TAXI excells at the difficult, richly rewarding balancing act between composition and improvisation. Their music utilizes a wide array of styles while also incorporating unexpected, brilliant infusions of poesy, sentimentality, cliche and kitsch. All this and more is allowed. The sublimity and composure in handling these diverse elements is a primary characteristic of the unique DAY & TAXI sound. This group focus is echoed and amplified by the individual voices of the members of the band in an organic and accomplished manner.

The working band DAY & TAXI was founded in 1988 as a quartet. The current members since 2004 are Christian Webrer on bass and Marco Käppeli on drums. For the PERCASO label they recorded «Out» (CD, 2006) and «live in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Taipei» (LP, 2005). The cover art of the DAY & TAXI CDs were contributed by artists like Yoshitomo Nara, Ai Weiwei, Peter Z Herzog, Christopher Wool, Alex Katz, Beat Streuli and Gilbert & George. DAY & TAXI was on tour in Kanada, USA, Russland, Kasachstan, Japan, China, Europa.

This is the point

After a short hiatus DAY & TAXI is active again. Our last studio recording «OUT» was recorded eight years ago. Now we have a new program and the time has come for a new recording to present our latest compositions to our public (You!) and to concert organizers all over the world.

Why do we need your support

We will be making this recording in our own atelier thereby keeping a tight control over production costs. The CD will be simply and tastefully produced without jewel box, in an eco- friendly cardboard sleeve. The cost of the entire production (1000 CDs) should not surpass 6500 swiss francs.

This is a new approach for us in financing this disc. It is our desire not to be beholden to the goodwill of «experts» in public or private foundations but rather to appeal to the «good vibrations» of personal aficionados and everyday experts like you!