Premiere Concept-Album 2020

by Fabienne Erni


We - Fabienne Erni & Jonas Wolf - want to record the concept album of our new project. During the 8 songs no wish will go unfulfilled - hard riffs or soft ballads, there’s something for everyone!

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Successfully concluded on 15/12/2019

Concept album for brand new project

As you may have recently noticed the hashtags; ’News of Unknown Forces’, ’We Rise’, and ’January 1st, 2020’, in our Instagram stories, we are currently working on a brand new project! We’ve already been working hard and recorded the first single at the New Sound Studios with Tommy Vetterli and Claudio Rodriguez.

To keep it exciting for you all, we don’t want to reveal too much already. As you may have guessed from the hashtag ’112020’ - the new project will be released at the very start of the year on January 1st, 2020. We will then release 3 singles for you before the actual album will be released in spring!

This debut album is going to be a concept album featuring eight songs. Whether you get your kicks from hard riffs or if you’d rather chill to a warming soft ballad – there’s something for you!

By owning this album, you will own the key that unlocks the door to a whole new world of which you can escape into, not only musically, but story wise.

Our project is special because ...

We feel it’s important to tell you that this entire project is a DIY project, which means we will do everything by ourselves without the help from a record label! Because of this, we can explore our music with creative freedom and have the opportunity to decide everything by ourselves, without being affected in our vision.

Of course, we are not taking care of this enormous project entirely by ourselves. We’re working in an familiar team full of talented people. Amongst others, is a film score composer, who enriches our songs with tremendous orchestrations, we work with international concept writers, storytellers and illustrators.

Furthermore, we’re working with video producers and photographers who accompany us during the project, and capture the most beautiful behind the scenes moments, as well as our upcoming video clips for our single releases (and many more).

This whole team are working together to squeeze the very best out of our concept, both on a graphical and content level in a rider to create a fascinating and well thought-out world.

Not convinced yet? Well then watch and see what the legendary Metal Queen Doro Pesch in person has to say about our new project - because she already had the chance to take a sneak peak of the songs:

This is what we need backing for:

As you can see we only want the absolute best for you, and therefore want to record this debut album in the best possible way. Not only on the musical side, but also this includes the graphical and technical realisation of the whole concept.

As much good as there is in a DIY project, there are also downsides of it. All of this takes a massive amount of time, work and energy from us, and it will not be possible without any help from the outside. This is because the whole financial risk is 100% on our side.

On this point exactly, alongside our sheer determination to work wholeheartedly on this, is the reason why we need your support!

We have thought about some rewards, which you’ll receive when you support us to release the concept album and furthermore ensure that you benefit out of it! Check out our goodie section to see which reward appeals to you the most and join the *** family!

We are truly looking forward to create something magnificent with you and we thank you with all of our hearts for the support you give us to fulfill our vision!

PS: If there is an overflow in the funding, we will invest the money to shoot an additional videoclip for one of our songs.