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This is what it's all about

It is 10 years since I moved to Italy from my home country, a perfect time to record my musical progress up to this point and share it with the world. This year marks also the first 5 years of existence of the accordion-piano Duo Aspera with the Italian pianist Valentina Vargiu. The rich concert activity in these years has allowed a great exploration of repertoire and collaborations, two important experiences which I would love to record and present to a larger audience.


Why should you support the project

Recording a CD has been one of my dreams and career goals for some years now, and with your support it will become true very soon. The solo CD will be a showcase of concert works for accordion ranging from Bach’s and Scarlatti’s harpsichord works to original compositions by Zubitsky, Lindberg and others, showing the instrument’s versatility and full potential. Every listener will find something to his/her taste

The second CD will feature Duo Aspera, piano and accordion. A combination of the two instruments is seldom heard in concerts, leave alone on CDs, which makes it special and rare. The CD will contain a cocktail of works transcribed from the classical period as well as original works written by today’s composers with a bit of fiery Tango Nuevo.

This is what I need backing for

  • Recording
  • Mastering
  • Booklet
  • Tuning of the instruments
  • Promotion