Debutalbum Car Crash Weather

by carcrashweather

Zürich and Lenzburg

We are right now in the studio, recording our first album. The release is planned for spring 2018.

CHF 4’598

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 4/12/2017

We are recording our first album

We have long been dreaming of making our own album.

After a successful concert year with enthusastic feedback from the crowd and even a first visit abroad we have gone back to our rehearsing cellar.

After an intense summer of preparing we have entered Tape Pound Studio in Lenzburg to record our long developed song ideas.

However, there is lots to do after the studio. Following the recording and mixing, we have many milestones ahead until the album can be released. Mastering, pressing, the artwork and a little bit of promotion are needed to bring our project to a successful ending.

The story behind

We are working on a concept album on migration. Not from a distant, anonymous bird view but set around single human beings, focused on hopes and fears connected to the subject.

Leaving home and finding a place in a foreign country and society is a situation to which all the band members can relate directly or indirectly.

To a certain degree, the album shall also contribute to the political discussion on migration.

Still, musical art remains the primary motivation of the project. We want to have high quality recordings made available in a well-designed form.

It’s always difficult to describe our sound. A translation of the words of

«Loud becomes quiet and vice versa, songs tell stories with almost no words. But which genre? Post Rock, Prog Rock or Alternative? You choose what suits you best!»

Well just have a listen here:

We need your support

An album production always causes expenses. The studio costs are already paid. In this crowdfunding campaign we focus on all the steps after recording and mixing:

With 2000 CHF, the following is covered

  • Mastering CD (ca. 600 CHF)
  • CD press (ca. 1000 CHF)
  • Artwork + Booklet (ca 400 CHF)

With another 1600 CHF we can create a vinyl LP:

  • Mastering Vinyl (ca. 600 CHF)
  • Vinyl press (ca. 1000 CHF)

Added are 10% comission for wemakeit

When 4000 CHF are reached, the crowdfunding is successful!

Should your hearts and wallets be open even more, we will have extra budget for the following goodies

  • Videoclip
  • Promotion to music magazines and online-blogs, sponsored content on social media channels.
  • Merchandise (Tshirts, Buttons, Poster etc.)
  • Salary for our guest musicians
  • Stage show production

Thank you very much!